The Counting Game….

  chicken Crystal Light cat food coffee creamer Creating my list for a quick stop at the grocery store is a mental game for me: Make a mental list. Repeat it a few times out loud. Count the items. Keep the numbered items in my head. Enter the store. Go to it! I'm sure people wonder why … Continue reading The Counting Game….

Ghost Dog…. {Six Word Wednesday}

  What I saw when I looked at these words.... Ghost dog, sail sand and sky.   Do you see a six-word story in these words?  Share with us in Comments or over on FB...  🙂 Art + Writing = Creative by Discovery!  Find us on Facebook:  RobinLK Studios

Excellence… {Great Reads}

Backstory:  I drafted this post in 2011 and never shared it. I did finish the book and it remains one of my favorite reads.  🙂 Restrooms. Candies. Stories. Beginnings. Endings. 7 Seconds. Lunch. Relationships. Fun. Day & Night. What is excellence? Is it showing up every day, on time, and ready to do what's asked? … Continue reading Excellence… {Great Reads}