Filed Under “Wow!” Einstein’s Space-Time Theory Confirmed

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." ~ Albert Einstein   Thank you, Dr. Einstein, for always questioning. Thanks to a team of physicists who also embraced questions, Einstein's space-time theory is finally confirmed. According to The New York Times today,   A team of physicists who can now count themselves … Continue reading Filed Under “Wow!” Einstein’s Space-Time Theory Confirmed

Sunday Funnies… {Life, According to Yoda}

First Sunday Funny of 2016... For those who haven't heard me talk about it, I'm married to a Star Wars fan fanatic, so all things Star Wars have made their way into our home recently, including this....   and this little clip.... It's cute, even if you're not a Star Wars fanatic.... ummm... fan! Enjoy!   Happy Sunday! … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Life, According to Yoda}

Sunday Funnies… {NFL Edition}

Are you ready for some football?? Here in the U.S., it's just about that season again (yay!), but you don't need to be a football fan to appreciate this video. It is some of THE funniest writing on the Internet! The husband and I watch and rewatch every time a new one comes out. Hope … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {NFL Edition}

Sunday Funnies… {Back-to-School Edition}

One of my former high school students tagged me in a back-to-school video worth a click. Thought I'd share it today - for a little chuckle, indeed. If you aren't a parent (yet or ever), just watch the parents around you at the grocery store.  You'll begin to notice how parents feel about the time-honored tradition of back-to-school preparation and … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Back-to-School Edition}

When Dads Walk Away…. {Slice of Life}

  What happens when dads walk away? As a 'dad-less' daughter, I know kids are left behind to wonder why. Why did he go? Why didn't he want me? What did I do wrong? Why didn't he want to be around? What could I have done differently to make him stay? Or, worse yet, kids left behind think mom pushed dad away, … Continue reading When Dads Walk Away…. {Slice of Life}