When Dads Walk Away…. {Slice of Life}

  What happens when dads walk away? As a 'dad-less' daughter, I know kids are left behind to wonder why. Why did he go? Why didn't he want me? What did I do wrong? Why didn't he want to be around? What could I have done differently to make him stay? Or, worse yet, kids left behind think mom pushed dad away, … Continue reading When Dads Walk Away…. {Slice of Life}

Week in the Rear View1

Earlier this weekend, I read Tara’s weekly Week in Review over at The Librarian Who Doesn’t Say Shhh! and got to thinking about ways to share some of the events that make up my own ‘life process’ in a week’s time. There are always so many things happening in our lives that influence everything else, and … Continue reading Week in the Rear View1

The Art of Saying Much…with Little {Great Reads}

Backstory:  I first shared this post in April 2010, a fact reflected in certain (outdated) references - Borders and BlackBerry - and behaviors (tweeting, still new to me at the time).  Times have changed and so has my writing. I'm pleased to share a much-abbreviated post, shortened by 200+ words, with the same goal:  a Great Read recommendation! Original Post, remixed:  Do … Continue reading The Art of Saying Much…with Little {Great Reads}

Social Media: Are You Creating or Cringing?

Technology continues to advance. Students' learning continues to evolve with technology.  Is your instruction evolving, too?    What do you think when you read the phrase Social Media?  Does it spark your creativity or serve up a hefty helping of uncertainty? Social media wasn't what it is today when I was still in the classroom full-time.  We weren't tweeting and updating our … Continue reading Social Media: Are You Creating or Cringing?