Sunday Funnies… {Are We There Yet?}

Parents, how many times have you heard THAT question? Remember your first road trip with your kids when you had more than one cherub and ruckus was sure to happen any minute or, even tougher - parents traveled with kids and without  DVD players in vehicles? Did the kiddos drive you nuts?? Well, this weekend was our turn - our first-ever road … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Are We There Yet?}

Sunday Funnies… {NFL Edition}

Are you ready for some football?? Here in the U.S., it's just about that season again (yay!), but you don't need to be a football fan to appreciate this video. It is some of THE funniest writing on the Internet! The husband and I watch and rewatch every time a new one comes out. Hope … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {NFL Edition}