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May the Fourth be with You!  😉

His hearty snores mock my insomnia. What’s your story in six today? 

Keys clacking, paint splattering, she smiles….   What’s your story in six words?

Mixed Media: Using all those scraps!   Hundreds of lovely scraps of paper, odds-n-ends, ephemera, stamps, stickers, markers, metals, vintage fabric, vintage books, even vintage buttons… all being lovingly repurposed into inspiring, fun, mixed-media art. 🙂   Wonder where all those scraps end up? Check out the studios gallery on my home page. —>

Found this six-word a few years ago… always makes me smile!    Have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂

  Sunrise reminds me daily….be thankful.    (6)   After returning to the high school classroom in 2011, arriving each day in the predawn darkness, and struggling physically (often, emotionally and spiritually) for 3 1/2 years, leaving it was both a necessity and a blessing that is reinforced daily as I drive to my new campus. A beautiful sunrise greets me with a smile and a …

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Traded classroom keys for classroom support.   *Best decision ever!!!   Learning new things every day….    

I wonder:    Who taught you the pleasures of reading and writing?  Did you discover them in high school? Earlier? Later? In my high school Intensive Reading/Critical Thinking class, it takes a while to get students to ‘buy into’ reading for pleasure.  It’s not uncommon to hear, “You want us to read???” followed by:  Do we get a grade?? …

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                                                                                                                         Happy Huuuump Day!  🙂    

I recently shared six-word stories, one of my favorite writing forms, with my high school students, on a day we could actually breathe a little.  Any more, these days are few and far between.  No observers.  No guests.  No testing.  Just time to write. Creatively. Makes me miss (even more!) the days when Reading/Writing Workshop was …

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