Six To Consider: Writing Books Worth a Look

I've always got a stack of things to read, don't you? My stack's typically related to my latest interest or project. I'm a nonfiction reader, my current stack a mish-mash of art techniques and inspiration, small business ownership, and the craft of writing. When writing evaded me over the past year, I figured I'd read about writing … Continue reading Six To Consider: Writing Books Worth a Look

Process is Messy

In my high school classroom, I have a poster:  Writing is messy.  My students' interpretations fall somewhere between, "Well, yea, my handwriting IS messy!" to "No, that's not true. I have nice handwriting, so my writing isn't messy."  What's missing from their interpretations? The real meaning of 'messy' as it relates to learning. And so begins our year-long discussion … Continue reading Process is Messy