Dear Teacher… {Six-Word Wednesday}

I recently shared six-word stories, one of my favorite writing forms, with my high school students, on a day we could actually breathe a little.  Any more, these days are few and far between.  No observers.  No guests.  No testing.  Just time to write. Creatively. Makes me miss (even more!) the days when Reading/Writing Workshop was … Continue reading Dear Teacher… {Six-Word Wednesday}

Six-Word Wed: Graduation Realities

Graduation approaches; seniors realizing.... they're not. It's that time of year again ~ when the seniors I've worked with all year - some lazy, some hesitant, some struggling - are realizing their efforts, or lack of, are leading to the painful realization of four weeks remaining and twelve years without a diploma. Tears have begun. Desperation palpable. I wish I could … Continue reading Six-Word Wed: Graduation Realities

The Art of Saying Much…with Little {Great Reads}

Backstory:  I first shared this post in April 2010, a fact reflected in certain (outdated) references - Borders and BlackBerry - and behaviors (tweeting, still new to me at the time).  Times have changed and so has my writing. I'm pleased to share a much-abbreviated post, shortened by 200+ words, with the same goal:  a Great Read recommendation! Original Post, remixed:  Do … Continue reading The Art of Saying Much…with Little {Great Reads}