Six To Consider: Writing Books Worth a Look

I've always got a stack of things to read, don't you? My stack's typically related to my latest interest or project. I'm a nonfiction reader, my current stack a mish-mash of art techniques and inspiration, small business ownership, and the craft of writing. When writing evaded me over the past year, I figured I'd read about writing … Continue reading Six To Consider: Writing Books Worth a Look

Creative Chaos?!?!

I took this picture yesterday .... I'd love to tell you it was a few minutes of messiness, but that would be a BIG, FAT, l.i.e. Can you relate? Or, are you shrieking as you look at the cacophony that threatens to swallow my desk in its discord? One day last week, as 1st period was getting underway, one … Continue reading Creative Chaos?!?!

Help Readers Read: Banish Boredom!

Five years into my teaching career, I decided to move from English Language Arts to Reading, specifically. I began working on my Master's in Reading Education, and while I learned a lot, my biggest A-ha! came not from the volumes of textbooks read or the 1,000s of words written. No, my biggest lesson came from my students. "Reading is boring!" … Continue reading Help Readers Read: Banish Boredom!

How to Write Short: a Must-Read! {Great Reads}

Quick:   How many words was your last blog post or article?  Under 100? 500? 1,000?  Did you get your message across? How do you know? Could you have said it in fewer words without losing its essence? What would have been the benefit of doing so? These are just a few of the questions addressed … Continue reading How to Write Short: a Must-Read! {Great Reads}