Our First Art Party is in the Books: Feedback + Lessons Learned

Sunday, February 25, 2018, RobinLK Studios hosted our first-ever Creative by Discovery Mixed-Media Art Party. Our project:   Mail Art Our party experience:   Wow, it was a LOT of fun!   My party experience: Wow, it was a LOT of fun and a LOT of work before and after, but very much worth it(!). Like any good … Continue reading Our First Art Party is in the Books: Feedback + Lessons Learned

Build it. Write it. Paint it. They will Come.

Remember that movie, Field of Dreams, and the oft-quoted line: If you build it, he (they) will come? How many times have you used that sentiment in your own life? Yep. Me, too. So here goes.... To make the Tax Lady happy last year about this time (or, at the very least, to keep her from scowling at … Continue reading Build it. Write it. Paint it. They will Come.

Life Dances On…. {Six Word Wednesday}

Spinning, circling colorfully..... life dances on. What's your story in six today?  Share with us in Comments or on FB...  🙂 Art + Writing = Creative by Discovery!  Find us on Facebook:  RobinLK Studios  

Sunday Funnies… {Writers’ Humor}

  Hope you're enjoying your Sunday... I'm in the writing studio today, tinkering with my latest find, a vintage Lexmark Wheelwriter, circa early 1990s. #awesome!  Check it out here.   Have a great Sunday! 🙂

Sunday Funnies… {Valentine’s Day 2016}

Happy Hearts Day!       For fellow Big Bang Theory fans .... Something my husband would say....   For whose who've been together a while....  😉   This is definitely ME!  🙂 🙂 🙂 For my husband... LYOAS... always. Happy Valentine's Day, 2016!  

Sunday Funnies… {Finding Your Tribe}

Don't you love it when a friend sees a quote or a picture and thinks of you (preferably in a good way!).  Recently, my friend and fellow writer, Natine, tagged me in a photo that made me laugh out loud (and nod in agreement). The comments of the others tagged too, were just as funny. Seems those … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Finding Your Tribe}

Sunday Funnies… {Ch..ch…changes….}

Eventually, all of us ladies get there.  Some freak out, some take it in stride....  Me??  After ten years in the 'holding pattern,' I say, Let's do this!  I'm thinking a little humor will go a loooong way. 😉     Wishful thinking....   And on those extra-special days.....     Have a super Sunday! 🙂

Sunday Funnies… {Language}

For those who've followed me a while, you know I often reach out to my buddies on Facebook for a little Sunday Funny inspiration. I admit, my eclectic group of friends, from artists to educators (and everything in between), working and retired, near and far, leaves me no shortage of funny stuff to share.  Since I can completely … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Language}

When Writing Leads to Art … Leads to Writing…. Leads to Art…. And Writing!

Words have always been an important part of my life - from learning them with my mom and grandmom as wee one at bedtime, to playing with them in creative writing nearly every day, to teaching the power (and fun!) of them for 20+ years - so imagine my dismay when words became unreachable to me. From forgetting them to just not hearing any … Continue reading When Writing Leads to Art … Leads to Writing…. Leads to Art…. And Writing!

Sunday Funnies… {Life Question}

Just one funny today - from a friend whose take on life never disappoints. (Thanks, Valerie!) She asks:  Why does dental floss have an expiration date?     Have a terrific Sunday!

Sunday Funnies… {Back-to-School Edition}

One of my former high school students tagged me in a back-to-school video worth a click. Thought I'd share it today - for a little chuckle, indeed. If you aren't a parent (yet or ever), just watch the parents around you at the grocery store.  You'll begin to notice how parents feel about the time-honored tradition of back-to-school preparation and … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Back-to-School Edition}

Sunday Funnies… {Friends’ Take on Life}

So, it's Sunday and I've been (regrettably) absent that past few weekends ... though busy to say the least. In fact, today I'm knee-deep in this (very happily, I might add)....     ... but didn't want to let another Sunday get by without sharing something to (hopefully) make you smile (if you're reading).  If you're not … Continue reading Sunday Funnies… {Friends’ Take on Life}