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About a month ago I wrote about Amazon’s Dash Buttons, something I discovered on accident while looking for something else… shocker.  😉 I wrote about them here and said I’d report back with my thoughts, after ordering one to try….. In my original post, I wondered, “Is this necessary? Will I give in to yet …

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Hope yours is a “Hell, yeah!” kind of Monday. 😉

  The other day, while reading fellow blogger and author Carrie Rubin’s post about authors, gender, standards, and profanity/violence, I replied with my perspective as a teacher who worked with middle and high school students for many years. As a reading specialist and as a writer myself, I required lots of writing from my students and taught them that reading and writing …

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Happy Monday! 🙂

Have a wonderful Monday!

Ms. Morrison says it best…. Have a fantastic Monday! 🙂

Step out and find the magic! 🙂

A year ago, January 4, 2015, I drafted this post, but never published it. I was struggling terribly and knew that if something didn’t change soon, I’d go right over the edge. It was a really, really, tough time for me…… Jan 4, 2015: What do you do when what you do is no longer what you wish to do?    …

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  Who thinks about toenails, and more specifically, toenail polish, postmortem? Admittedly (0ddly!), I do. What?!? I can see your face, that quizzical look taking over. Let me explain…. About twenty-five years ago, while taking an A & P class in college, I was invited to participate in a visit to the local chiropractic college, where we’d have the …

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Two full weeks into 2016.  How are those resolutions coming along? I decided a few years ago that I was ditching the ‘r word’ (resolutions) and embracing ‘goals’ instead. Much more reasonable in my opinion. Semantics? Maybe. Blame it on middle age. Blame it on laziness. Whatever. I’m kind of a realist, I think. Or lazy. Either way….. I stumbled on to a post that …

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Eventually, all of us ladies get there.  Some freak out, some take it in stride….  Me??  After ten years in the ‘holding pattern,’ I say, Let’s do this!  I’m thinking a little humor will go a loooong way. 😉     Wishful thinking….   And on those extra-special days…..     Have a super Sunday! 🙂

Words have always been an important part of my life – from learning them with my mom and grandmom as wee one at bedtime, to playing with them in creative writing nearly every day, to teaching the power (and fun!) of them for 20+ years – so imagine my dismay when words became unreachable to me. From forgetting them to just not hearing any …

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