Do More Happy. {Monday Motivation}

quote: do more of what makes you happy
credit: pinterest

Hope yours is a wonderful Monday!


Sunday Funnies … {Resolutions}

Welcome to 2015! 

Marty McFly 2015 Reference


And now,¬†back to our regularly scheduled programming….. (though posted today at holiday hours!)

Hope you enjoyed downtime with family and friends over the past two weeks.¬†After several days of Christmas cheer with the Mr.’s half of our family and a blissful lack of¬†online time¬†(my sanity¬†requires this several times a year), I’ve been quietly sifting through crap¬†reorganizing¬†my home office ~ or as I like to call it, My Creative Space, making new room¬†for¬†lots o’¬†new writing and art projects this year. ¬†Beyond that, resolutions?¬† Ha!¬† ūüėČ

Funny Cartoon_New Year's Resolutions

Happy Sunday!


An Introvert’s Guide to the Holidays…{Monday Motivation}

A little¬† lot(!) late today, but you know it’s that time of¬†year… busy running here and there.¬† I don’t know about you, but people are making me a whole bunch o’ crazy already!!

Not to worry…¬†fellow introverts, I’m looking out for you.¬† Found this¬†pin that seems to fit, regardless of the holiday….

Words to Live By … (You CAN do it!!)¬†¬†¬† ūüėČ




Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the important things ~ family, friends, good food, great company, and super-special memories.¬†I’ll be taking a little time away¬†from the blogosphere, hanging with¬†our family and friends.

Sincerest thanks for inviting me into your world this year, and taking time to visit mine!




See you in 2015. 

~ Robin


Sunday Funnies…{Time to Wrap Things Up}

As we wrap up 2014 (couldn’t resist), thought I’d share some wrapping paper humor… Really??¬† Yes, it exists!¬† Sadly.

Big thanks to all my fellow¬†pinners whose humor is as off-key as mine….¬†¬† ūüėČ


Teenagers’¬† rebellious spirit….¬†¬†



Star Wars fans, this one’s for you…. (Yes, husband… this includes YOU)!


For the ‘weirdly creative’ among us….



How about some ‘rapping’ paper….¬† ??¬†¬†


Keeping the faith…..¬†¬†



For the¬†thrifty/crafty¬†Pinners out there…. Can you relate??¬†




A little ‘adult humor’ ….¬†¬†Oops!¬† #fail



Lastly…¬†truth. Admit it.




Happy Sunday!

Keep smiling.




Be a Fruit Loop! {Monday Motivation}

Quote: Be a Fruit Loop
photo credit: Pinterest

One of my favorite quotes…..

Go out there and shake things up!

Happy Monday!


Sunday Funnies…{Holidays and Truth}

Shout-out to¬†fellow pinners whose life view feels oh-so-familiar….¬†Pinterest:¬† today’s photo credits…


ee Card: Holiday Shopping
One for you…. one for me!


Quote: I am not lazy...
Sunday mode….
Looking to the¬†week ahead…..


ee Cards: Brain Cells
What’s going through my head most of the time!


Happy Sunday!



Belly Laughs… {Monday Motivation}

Go ahead, laugh out loud.¬† It’s good for the soul.¬†

Little boy laughing out loud

Found this terrific image on Pinterest recently and followed it back to, a great site by a couple who are determined to fight ‘adultitis.’ I wish I could¬†make this stuff up. Go check them out and be sure to have¬†a good laugh (or two or three) today!

Happy Monday!