Sunday Funnies … {Resolutions}

Welcome to 2015!    And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming..... (though posted today at holiday hours!) Hope you enjoyed downtime with family and friends over the past two weeks. After several days of Christmas cheer with the Mr.'s half of our family and a blissful lack of online time (my sanity requires this several times a year), I've … Continue reading Sunday Funnies … {Resolutions}

An Introvert’s Guide to the Holidays…{Monday Motivation}

A little  lot(!) late today, but you know it's that time of year... busy running here and there.  I don't know about you, but people are making me a whole bunch o' crazy already!! Not to worry... fellow introverts, I'm looking out for you.  Found this pin that seems to fit, regardless of the holiday.... Words to Live … Continue reading An Introvert’s Guide to the Holidays…{Monday Motivation}

Sunday Funnies…{Time to Wrap Things Up}

As we wrap up 2014 (couldn't resist), thought I'd share some wrapping paper humor... Really??  Yes, it exists!  Sadly. Big thanks to all my fellow pinners whose humor is as off-key as mine....   😉   Teenagers'  rebellious spirit....     Star Wars fans, this one's for you.... (Yes, husband... this includes YOU)! For the 'weirdly creative' among … Continue reading Sunday Funnies…{Time to Wrap Things Up}

Belly Laughs… {Monday Motivation}

Go ahead, laugh out loud.  It's good for the soul.  Found this terrific image on Pinterest recently and followed it back to, a great site by a couple who are determined to fight 'adultitis.' I wish I could make this stuff up. Go check them out and be sure to have a good laugh (or two … Continue reading Belly Laughs… {Monday Motivation}