Dads Walking the Walk

Recently I wrote about who’s left behind when dads walk away, a topic I’m all too familiar with…. as a dadless daughter and as a veteran teacher.  The effects, like scars in the cracked earth, leave little doubt about the devastation.

Eli Pacheco PhotoBut about the same time I wrote that post, I discovered a dad and his blog … a dad who demonstrates the other side of the story …. the ones who stay, the ones who walk the walk.

Over at Coach Daddy, Eli’s description of girl dadding will leave you grinning. It is, at once, refreshing, funny, and definitely worth a click!

Hats off to you, Mr. Eli Pacheco. I hope everyone will swing by and read your post, The Finer Things About Being Unrefined, a fantastic glimpse into life with Grace, Marie, and Elise.

May the hair accessories, vultures, and ‘badass burps’ be with you.  😉

Words, They Just Keep Coming….


Wasn’t sure what

I’d say.




of letters

for 30 days


On the contrary.






      fade away…..


Take Those Underpants Off Your Head…! {Great Reads}

Now that we’ve got THAT out of the way…..

Such sage advice from author Chuck Wendig is what you’ll get in his writer’s how-to books.  Don’t worry ~ you’ll soon see the connection between underpants and writing…. I promise.

I stumbled on to Chuck’s 250 Things You Should Know About Writing a few years ago and immediately loved the content and especially, his voice.

Recently, I read 30 Days in the Word Mines, his how-to for 30 days of writing, which, he says, may or may not be associated with National Novel Writing Month. Nearing the end of National Blog Post Month with @BlogHer, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering what happens when you commit to writing every day for thirty days. Wow! I tweeted about it here:

But, if you’ve never read Chuck’s work, a heads-up……

 Big Girl Panties/Big Boy Shorts recommended.

His liberal use of colorful language and in-your-face, no-holds-barred style is not for the faint of heart.  Think: sailor-turned-author-turned-writing-instructor.  I envision tattoos, half-consumed whiskey bottle next to the keyboard, cigarette burning perilously low, and a scruffy face every time I read his work. Whew!  It’s a ride… one I’ll take again and again thank-you-very-much.

Come to think of it, he does reference whisky and cupcakes in 30 Days, which made it into my “I’ve got a whole new outlook” tweet …

Like pulling up a bar stool with a buddy and getting GREAT tips over a couple of beers, Chuck’s counsel draws knee slaps (as in, Damn, what a good idea, man!), belly laughs (That’s funny sh$#!), and napkin notes (Wait a minute! I need to write that down.).

He are a few of my favorites from 30 Days:

Writing is the act of cultivating instinct.

Write, write, write and write. Then edit, edit, rewrite, rewrite, edit, cry, flail, rage, swill coffee, punch elves.

Entangle you’re a*^ molecules with the chair atoms. (overcoming ‘perceived’ writer’s block)

Fight passivity in all your storytelling.

What to say when someone offers unsolicited advice about your writing/being a writer:  Thank you for your opinion, but please note that I did not request it. When and if I desire your advice, I will ask you for it directly. Until then? I’m good to go.  (Frankly, that’s kitten-speak compared to what I’d expect Chuck to say to that annoying person… just sayin’)

And in case you start feeling like you just.can’t.write… he reminds us:   You. Can. F*#@ing. Do. This.

Yep, that one’s stuck to my monitor and laptop!

Truth is, Chuck Wendig is an accomplished writer in various genres as well as a game designer, husband, and dad to a little guy who apparently likes to put his underpants on his head in Target.

Well, who doesn’t?? 

Check out 30 Days in the Word Mines, and all of Chuck’s work. I found him on and read him via Kindle. Dig in!

Oh, and, “Art harder …..”  I’ll leave you to discover the rest of THAT quote from one Mr. Wendig.  The coffee cup is already  on my Dear Santa list.    😉

No Shave November: Hair Today … Gone Tomorrow??

Married to a mountain man?

It sure has seemed so lately!

As November comes to an end, so does my husband’s newest addition. I noticed several weeks ago that his goatee, or ‘goat’ as we call it, had begun to …. ummm…. expand. The usual clean-shaven cheeks gave way to the scruffy weekend look (which was weird for a guy in finance! Think: clean cut, well-dressed M-F).

Me:   Honey??  What’s that??

Mr:    What?  Oh, this?? (caressing the scruffiness)

Me:   Ummm… yes, that.

Mr:   Oh, I decided to participate in No Shave November.

With recent events related to cancer in our family, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, since he couldn’t shave his head in support of #BabySister.  See pics  below… it’ll make sense!

Me:   Cool. You look….. different. 

Mr:    Uh, thanks?

It was one of those weird conversations sometimes had by married folks.  You know what I mean.

Fast-forward two weeks:

Mr:    (now scratching the weed hair traversing his face) I’m about over this stuff!  

Me:   (grinning)  Will you make it to the end of the month??

Mr:   Yes, but it’s going Nov 30th.

So, before it goes, I thought I’d share a couple of pics of Hubs supporting the fight against cancer. #BabySister, this one’s for you. Thanks, honey, for playing along.  Today you get to see your own mugs in my daily post.

noshavenov1 noshavenov3 noshavenov4




Want to learn more about No Shave November? Check it out {here}.

I suggested I might participate next year, too. You know, we ladies get to a certain age that we can let our own beards grow in…. We could have a contest.  😉

He wasn’t buying it.



Fresh Mascara and a New Shade of Lipstick….

With a few days off from work for the holiday, I’ve had time to stalk revisit and explore blogs in more depth than my usual 4:30 AM reads.  Man, you guys have some cool stuff out there! But you already knew that, didn’t you?

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve borrowed a few ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration.



Result? Like a trip to the salon, has undergone a little makeover today. Nothing too drastic, just a new header image here, updated About page there… an added Disclosure page (just in case), and few changes/additions to the sidebar.




Some fresh mascara and a new shade of lipstick…. all a girl really needs, right?   😉



Lovely Language… {Six-Word Wednesday}

Our fridge is not spared from my obsession with interest in words… magnetic tiles wait patiently for another round of moving, maneuvering…manipulating!
A recent remix:

Word Tiles


What’s your take on language in only six?