Dads Walking the Walk

Recently I wrote about who's left behind when dads walk away, a topic I'm all too familiar with.... as a dadless daughter and as a veteran teacher.  The effects, like scars in the cracked earth, leave little doubt about the devastation. But about the same time I wrote that post, I discovered a dad and his blog ... a dad who demonstrates the other side of the story .... the … Continue reading Dads Walking the Walk

Words, They Just Keep Coming….

Wasn't sure what I'd say.   Stitching combinations of letters for 30 days seemed..... impossible.  On the contrary.   Words keep coming, as keys       fade away.....  

Take Those Underpants Off Your Head…! {Great Reads}

Now that we’ve got THAT out of the way….. Such sage advice from author Chuck Wendig is what you’ll get in his writer’s how-to books.  Don't worry ~ you'll soon see the connection between underpants and writing.... I promise. I stumbled on to Chuck's 250 Things You Should Know About Writing a few years ago and immediately … Continue reading Take Those Underpants Off Your Head…! {Great Reads}

No Shave November: Hair Today … Gone Tomorrow??

Married to a mountain man? It sure has seemed so lately! As November comes to an end, so does my husband's newest addition. I noticed several weeks ago that his goatee, or 'goat' as we call it, had begun to .... ummm.... expand. The usual clean-shaven cheeks gave way to the scruffy weekend look (which was weird for a guy … Continue reading No Shave November: Hair Today … Gone Tomorrow??

Fresh Mascara and a New Shade of Lipstick….

With a few days off from work for the holiday, I've had time to stalk revisit and explore blogs in more depth than my usual 4:30 AM reads.  Man, you guys have some cool stuff out there! But you already knew that, didn't you? I hope you don't mind, but I've borrowed a few ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration.   Result? Like a … Continue reading Fresh Mascara and a New Shade of Lipstick….

Lovely Language… {Six-Word Wednesday}

Our fridge is not spared from my obsession with interest in words... magnetic tiles wait patiently for another round of moving, maneuvering...manipulating! A recent remix:   What's your take on language in only six?  

Of Aqua Net and Apologies…. {Slice of Life}

Recently, while hurrying through our teacher workroom before sunrise, a fellow teacher stopped me. We worked together in Career & Technical Education a few years ago. She was a tech center instructor, while I served as an instructional coach, bringing pedagogy to CTE instructors. Now, we both teach at the local high school. "I owe you an apology," she declared. I quickly … Continue reading Of Aqua Net and Apologies…. {Slice of Life}

Small Biz Saturday: Save the Date

 Create community.....     Support your neighbors......    Pay it forward....     Created by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday arrives each year just in time for holiday shopping, This year, it's NEXT Saturday, Nov 29th.  Mark your calendars!