Find “It” ….. {Monday Motivation}

  Find what 'it' is that makes 'creating' your Happy Place..... Is it the process? The product? Small pieces that help you manage the project? Figure it out and get after it! Happy Monday 🙂 Art + Writing = Creative by Discovery!  Find us on Facebook:  RobinLK Studios

Bloom!….. {Monday Motivation}

  Spring is here.... Time to bloom! What's on your bookshelf {or should be}, just waiting to be read {or reread??}? Hope it's been a wonderful Monday! 🙂 Art + Writing = Creative by Discovery  What's happening in the studios these days? Latest pictures and projects on Facebook and Instagram  @RobinLK Studios 

Take No Shit (and Other Good Advice)…. {Monday Motivation}

Saw this recently on Instagram and thought, "Well, that pretty much sums it up." Hope it's been an awesome Monday! 🙂

Getting Ready… Last Monday of 2016 {Monday Motivation}

Hope you're having a wonderful (last) Monday of 2016! It's time to look ahead and get ready to take that next step. 🙂

Write it!…. {Monday Motivation}

A great quote from one of my favorite books, Steal Like an Artist. Thanks, Austin Kleon! 🙂 Hope yours was a wonderful Monday!