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Have an amazing Monday!

  As we remember those who’ve come before us and those impacting our world now….. Have a thoughtful Monday.

  of all the places, i remember it best.       our house on the corner – suburban Miami circa 1970s: 3 bedrooms. long hallway. “florida” room. tall heater on the living room wall. a front porch for making mud pies. sunday dinners on the homemade table. jumping fish. spilled spaghetti…. slid right off …

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Don’t hold back…. go out there and make some magic! Have a wonderful Monday. 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful (last) Monday of 2016! It’s time to look ahead and get ready to take that next step. 🙂

I often stand at our fridge, looking at the dozens of words, all magnetized and waiting to be noticed, moved, and meshed into a poem or story. I wait to see what jumps out at me – combinations of words that take on a life of their own. A few months ago, four words stood out – each in its …

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Hope yours is a wonderful Monday! 🙂

A great quote from one of my favorite books, Steal Like an Artist. Thanks, Austin Kleon! 🙂 Hope yours was a wonderful Monday!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Hearing No as Not Yet….  freeing What’s your story in six today? 

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