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    Fresh Mascara and a New Shade of Lipstick….

    With a few days off from work for the holiday, I’ve had time to stalk revisit and explore blogs in more depth than my usual 4:30 AM reads.  Man, you guys have some cool stuff out there! But you already knew that, didn’t you? I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve borrowed a few ideas.  Thanks for the inspiration.   Result? Like a trip to the salon, RobinLK.com has undergone a little makeover today. Nothing too drastic, just a new header image here, updated About page there… an added Disclosure page (just in case), and few changes/additions to the sidebar.       Some fresh mascara and a new shade of lipstick…. all a girl really needs, right?   😉    

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    Tell Us About Yourself: Sending an Introvert Into a Tailspin

    Freaked out at the thought of having to introduce yourself to strangers?   Several months ago I blogged about my BIG discovery {here}, after reading Susan Cain’s, Quiet: The Power of Introverts, last December.  What a great read!  In it, she discusses introverts in our society and society’s response to them.  She writes, “The bias against introversion leads to a colossal waste of talent, energy, and happiness.”       You can see her TED Talk here: If you’re an introvert, you know she’s singing the gospel… Now, if everyone would just get quiet and listen….!! Right? What was particularly enlightening to me ~ other than discovering I’m really an introvert camouflaged in an extrovert’s…

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    Early Childhood Ed: Tykes, Testing, and (Future) Teachers

    This post was first published in 2011.  At the time, I was a member of our district’s CTE Instructional Support team.  Since then, I returned to my own academic classroom, where I’ve spent the past three+ years.  Now, with a wish to return to CTE, I’m sharing an answer to the question I get from fellow academic teachers in my current high school:  What’s Career and Technical Education?  Isn’t that for at-risk kids?  My answer:  No way!  It’s definitely not your father’s shop class anymore.  🙂 -> -> -> ->   Remix debut:   November 2014   Rigor + Relevance + Relationships  What do you get when all three are in balance?…

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    Classroom 411: An Interactive Training Session Leads to New Ideas

    Recently, a dedicated group of twenty educators and industry experts from Valencia Community College, Orange County Public Schools (Career and Technical Education), and Osceola County Public Schools (Career & Technical Education) met on a Saturday to participate in a lively staff development training session that explored ways to build “classroom community” regardless of the environment: live, online, or hybrid, and more importantly, why to do so. With coffee in hand and preworkshop self-assessments completed, participants arrived for the four-hour session that promised discussion, interaction, and exploring ways to learn about themselves and their students ~ all in an effort to build nurturing, successful, effective learning experiences.   Though seasoned in their industry experience, and for most, in their…