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    Sunday Funnies… {Super Bowl 50 Edition}

    Super Bowl 50 logo

    It’s time!! The day football fans have been working toward for months…. mammoth amounts of wings, beer, chips, dip, guacamole (Zantac, anyone?), shameless screaming at officials who can’t hear us, and The.Most.Important.Part – the commercials ….  Super Bowl Sunday has arrived!

    In the spirit of the day and in honor of one of my favorite friends who is a HUUUUUUGE football fan who counts down to the start of every football season….  Sorry, Bex, the Cowboys still aren’t there and it’ll be seven long months until football season returns.  😉

    To all the football fans out there – including The Mr. ….

    Super Bowl Somee Card

    Go, Panthers!


    Have a Super Sunday! 

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    Sunday Funnies… {Language}

    For those who’ve followed me a while, you know I often reach out to my buddies on Facebook for a little Sunday Funny inspiration. I admit, my eclectic group of friends, from artists to educators (and everything in between), working and retired, near and far, leaves me no shortage of funny stuff to share.  Since I can completely relate to it, here’s a funny from one of those friends… Maybe you can relate??  😉


    e-card humor


     Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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    Sunday Funnies… {Life, According to Yoda}

    First Sunday Funny of 2016…

    For those who haven’t heard me talk about it, I’m married to a Star Wars fan fanatic, so all things Star Wars have made their way into our home recently, including this….

    Yoda Christmas yard display


    and this little clip…. It’s cute, even if you’re not a Star Wars fanatic…. ummm… fan! Enjoy!


    Happy Sunday!


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    Sunday Funnies… {Why Yes, I AM Hot!}

    Soooo….. it’s currently 98 degrees outside and 89 degrees inside. The “Maytag Man” paid us a visit this morning after our a/c bit the dust late last night. O.M.G.

    That pretty much sums things up today….  Nothing funny happening.  (but I’ve gotta find a little humor, somehow)

    As the technician spoke with my husband about air conditioning and keeping the house cool (a whole new unit being installed tomorrow …. yes, as in neither today nor tonight), I sized him up and figured he was – or has been – a husband – and would get the words that were getting ready to come out of my mouth:

    I’m a near-50-year-old woman and air conditioning is absolutely necessary.  

    With a smile and a nod that conveyed his keen understanding, he assured my husband and me that cool air would be ours by dinner time Monday.

    Monday evening????  WTH??  O.M.G.

    Did I mention it’s near 100 degrees here?

    Yes, we could go to a nearby hotel, but we are ‘toughing it out’ … not sure why, but that’s the plan … as of this hour.

    Meantime, a little humor about being H.O.T. at this age.  😉


    Mary's hot flashes were becoming more and more intolerable. source: cartoonstock.com
    Mary’s hot flashes were becoming more and more intolerable. source: cartoonstock.com


    source:  mdjunction.com
    source: mdjunction.com



    source:  uk.pinterest.com
    source: uk.pinterest.com


    Happy Sunday!


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    Sunday Funnies… {National Doughnut Day}

    A well known (by some) annual event took place Friday…. did you participate? Do you know what it was? Don’t worry if you didn’t know, but here’s a heads-up for next year:  The first Friday in June is known as National Donut Day in the United States.  Which brings us to another idea to consider… Is it doughnut or donut?  This week’s Sunday Funnies share a little humor and a little history to help put a smile on your face. Here goes….

    Seems ‘doughnut’ is the original term, but by the late 20th century, it had morphed into ‘donut’ – due in large part, the story goes, to the growth of Dunkin’ Donuts. Curious? You can read more [here].  Whichever way you spell it, hope you enjoyed a sweet treat this week. If not, mark your calendar for next June… go ahead, we’ll wait for you.


    donut cartoon
    Death by a Bite… Oh, no! Pete, they got to you!!


    Black and white photo of women baking dougnuts, circa 1940s
    What’s the history behind National Doughnut Day?? Yes, we Americans celebrate the oddest things!



    Bikers leaving a donut shop
    Even bikers need their (donut) fix!


    Homer Simpson looks at a donut as it glows
    How I feel when a donut is put in front of me… Homer says it best! (angels singing!)


    Happy Sunday!


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    Sunday Funnies… {Stupid Drivers}


    Interior of Car
    Highway Travel_Flying Low….

    Here’s a short Sunday Funny, evening edition. After two weekends of highway travel, I thought I’d rant with some funnies. I suspect some many of us will relate…..  😉






    Oh, yes... I need to make one of these signs!
    Oh, yes… I need to make one of these signs!


    I keep saying the roads would be safer if our cars would drive themselves, because it's clear drivers aren't driving much anymore.  :(
    I keep saying the roads would be safer if our cars would drive themselves, because it’s clear drivers are doing everything BUT driving. 🙁


    I hate when the other car's paint gets on my key!
    I hate when the other car’s paint gets on my key!


    Stupid drivers, do us all a favor and get OFF the road!!

    This concludes this evening’s rant.  😉


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    Sunday Funnies… {Newspaper #FAILs}

    Do you ever notice what I like to call ‘textual mishaps’ when you’re reading something (including blogs… maybe even this one once in a while…oops!)?  I sure do. Often, when I’m driving. Business signs are the best…. sometimes on purpose (GREAT marketing technique) and sometimes not on purpose (low literacy/no proofing = problematic marketing).  In fact, I saw one the other day I’m saving for a future post.

    Meantime, here are a few textual mishaps, found in newspapers…..

    newspaper editorial
    Empathy, at its best….


    newspaper article - funny
    Sibling honesty….



    newspaper article - funny
    Dog owners always say dogs are more loyal. Just sayin’…….


    newspaper article funny
    What?!? More doctors in the hospital?? The outrage!

    Happy Sunday!


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    Sunday Funnies… {Snowman Humor}

    As our local weather begins to flirt with our typical summer temps in the 90s, I thought I’d share a little snowman humor to ‘cool things off’ a bit….


    Snowman eating a child-humor
    Nom! Nom! Nom!




    Dancing snoman - humor
    Gangnam style!




    Snowwoman humor
    For Ragan, who’s got her own set of ‘snow cones’ now…



    Snowman humor - Frosty and Friend
    As I always say… everyone’s got a story! 😉



    Florida Snowman built out of sand
    Last but not least, our version of a snowman…

    Happy Sunday!

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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    Sunday Funnies… {Caution: Autocorrect = Mature Content}

    One word:   Autocorrect

    Autocorrect:  Defined as ‘text replacement; replace-as-you-type; an automatic data validation function’

    Autocorrect:  The thing that irritates me the most about my phone! How about you?  I’d add:  The bane of modern communication!

    There’s no denying it – Autocorrect creates some funny (and maddening when you’re in a hurry!) stuff.  Here goes….







    This week’s images came from a quick Internet search; sources are embedded in the images.

    Happy Sunday!


    (and check your text before you hit Send!)

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    Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge {April 19}

    I recently discovered Cee’s Photography Blog and love her ideas. Photography is one my favorite forms of art. She posts different photo challenges to encourage others to have fun and slow down to pay attention to the details. Sundays are for her Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

    Here’s my contribution for this week (a little morbid, I admit, but meant to be funny, at least the waitress who overheard my comment thought so 😉 ) I swear it happened by accident – raspberry sauce and the age-old ‘eat the ear first’ rule. THIS was the result ….


    Bunny cookie minus one year
    Bleeding Bunny…


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    Sunday Funnies…. {Creativity}

    I love a good laugh, don’t you?

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Sunday Funny.  As I get my writing chops back in line, here are a few ‘creative’ funnies in the spirit of World Creativity and Innovation Week….

    Quote about Creativity
    source: fubarfarm2.blogspot


    Creative Funny - Test Answer
    source: lifehack.org


    Playing with Food - Oranges
    source: bajiroom.com


    Sign Now Hiring Must Have Clue
    source: weknowmemes.com


    Funny Sign Dancers
    source: funnytweek.blogspot.com


    Happy Sunday!