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  Have a wonderful Sunday, celebrating or not. 🙂  

A little  lot(!) late today, but you know it’s that time of year… busy running here and there.  I don’t know about you, but people are making me a whole bunch o’ crazy already!! Not to worry… fellow introverts, I’m looking out for you.  Found this pin that seems to fit, regardless of the holiday…. Words to Live …

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19 days ’til Christmas.  How did THAT happen? We ask that question every year, don’t we? The hub-bub is underway:  decorating, shopping, wrapping, card-writing, card-receiving, baking…. Yes, it’s baking time…. that one time of year I, a T2 Diabetic, actually spend time with copious amounts of sugar.  Don’t get me wrong ~ I would all year, except I’d invariably overdose …

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