Eating Bull …. {Great Reads}

front cover of Eating Bull by Dr. Carrie RubinI admit (as I did to author and fellow blogger, Dr. Carrie Rubin), I’m not a fiction reader. However, on the rare occasion that I take the time to find a good story and I’m hooked, I want to share it!

So, here goes….

How often do we reach for quick, convenient food? We take that right turn into the drive-thru or order the pizza, hot and fresh, delivered in a few short minutes. Easy, right?

But deadly, too? Maybe.

Carrie Rubin’s page-turning thriller suggests so.

At once – Eating Bull is educational, entertaining, factual, foreboding, grisly, and a wake-up call – taking the reader into the tangled lives of Jeremy, an obese, shy, and lonely teenager; Sue, a tough public health nurse who wants to make a difference; and Darwin, a serial killer whose acts defy our sensibilities, all while giving us a glimpse into the food industry.

While we meet a few other key characters, including Jeremy’s mom, Carrie skillfully moves the reader between the three main characters as each chapter unfolds, helping us feel and understand multiple perspectives. Hang on! We’re picking up speed toward the final chapters!

As often happens, I found myself challenged to keep the characters and details straight as the story began, often rereading a page or two to be clear on the details. So many well-written details! By mid-book, finding my pace, I settled in, fully involved with the characters, not wanting to put the book down. Until it came to Darwin.

Hyper-focused, warped, and grisly, Darwin takes the reader into a world hard to imagine; Carrie Rubin leaves no detail unaddressed. I struggled reading the Darwin chapters, wanting to fast-forward, skip the details, and hope the story would make sense when I got to the next chapter. Don’t sell yourself short! Read every word!

As the final chapters unfold, you may find yourself trying to figure out who the serial killer is (entertaining) while also reflecting on your own food and lifestyle choices (educational, informative).

Educational, entertaining, factual, foreboding, grisly, and a wake-up call, Eating Bull peels back the layers of fat in both the food industry and the lives of those impacted by it.

Well done, Dr. Carrie Rubin!  Highly recommend.

The Green Door… First Draft, A Work in Progress, Day 2


Deep in thought, she didn’t notice the old man sitting quietly on a dirty stoop across the street, both showing their years. He watched the scene and smiled a half-smile, with a look of knowing in his eyes….


Notes to self:

  • synonym for dirty? possibly…
  • Is ‘both’ unclear, misplaced?






The Green Door… First Draft, A Work in Progress

This is a different kind of post for me – the first few lines of a work in progress – lines that have been rolling around in my head for several months, that I finally sat down to give a voice to this morning. No idea where it’s going, but I can feel a short story bubbling below the surface….


There it was! The green door she had dreamed of so often! that haunted her dreams.

“Wait! Stop!” she shouted excitedly to the bus driver.

Fellow passengers looked at her with surprise. Is she okay? Why is she shouting? Why is she interrupting our commute? Don’t make us a late, their faces said.   (not sure how to write this ‘inner dialogue’ yet… need to research and practice)

All but one passenger. Sitting quietly, invisible to those around her, an old woman watched the scene and smiled a half-smile, with a look of knowing in her eyes….  (this is my favorite line so far!)

Have a great day!