Of All the Places….

  of all the places, i remember it best.       our house on the corner - suburban Miami circa 1970s: 3 bedrooms. long hallway. “florida” room. tall heater on the living room wall. a front porch for making mud pies. sunday dinners on the homemade table. jumping fish. spilled spaghetti.... slid right off... Continue Reading →

The Poetry We Live

I often stand at our fridge, looking at the dozens of words, all magnetized and waiting to be noticed, moved, and meshed into a poem or story. I wait to see what jumps out at me - combinations of words that take on a life of their own. A few months ago, four words stood out - each in its... Continue Reading →

People and Boundaries…

My early morning writing time was consumed today with this topic, rolling around in my head for a while now.... It’s a funny thing about people and boundaries. Learning when to push in and when to step back is a necessary process, but a fragile balance, indeed. Whether family, friends, coworkers, or others - respecting boundaries - the proverbial line... Continue Reading →

Sunday Funnies… {Peeling the Perspectives}

My husband and I approach things very differently. (I'm pretty sure we're not the only couple who'd say this.) But our end result is often the same - from the outcome of a task to a location we're heading... Case in point:  How to peel a Halo. Recently, we each had one, and when I scooped up the skins to throw away, I... Continue Reading →

Come on Down!

Ever have one of those moments when a breeze, a song, or a smell reminds you of a time and place that's faint in memory, but vivid in your heart?  Everything else around you falls away and in that moment, you're transported back in time. That happened to me this week. During an extraordinarily hectic day at work, I decided... Continue Reading →

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