Dear Teacher… {Six-Word Wednesday}

I recently shared six-word stories, one of my favorite writing forms, with my high school students, on a day we could actually breathe a little.  Any more, these days are few and far between.  No observers.  No guests.  No testing.  Just time to write. Creatively. Makes me miss (even more!) the days when Reading/Writing Workshop was … Continue reading Dear Teacher… {Six-Word Wednesday}

Creative Chaos?!?!

I took this picture yesterday .... I'd love to tell you it was a few minutes of messiness, but that would be a BIG, FAT, l.i.e. Can you relate? Or, are you shrieking as you look at the cacophony that threatens to swallow my desk in its discord? One day last week, as 1st period was getting underway, one … Continue reading Creative Chaos?!?!

Process is Messy

In my high school classroom, I have a poster:  Writing is messy.  My students' interpretations fall somewhere between, "Well, yea, my handwriting IS messy!" to "No, that's not true. I have nice handwriting, so my writing isn't messy."  What's missing from their interpretations? The real meaning of 'messy' as it relates to learning. And so begins our year-long discussion … Continue reading Process is Messy

The Pocket Muse 2: Endless Inspiration for Writers {Great Reads}

"Anybody can write a book, 'cause everybody has a story to tell." Marianne Moore, Author/Poet Last week I found myself in the bookstore again, this time to replace a book I loaned and haven't seen since. The Pocket Muse 2,  an entirely different genre from the missing business book, spoke to my interest in writing, with its … Continue reading The Pocket Muse 2: Endless Inspiration for Writers {Great Reads}