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    Sunrise Reminds Me….. {Six Word Wednesday}

      Sunrise reminds me daily….be thankful.    (6)   After returning to the high school classroom in 2011, arriving each day in the predawn darkness, and struggling physically (often, emotionally and spiritually) for 3 1/2 years, leaving it was both a necessity and a blessing that is reinforced daily as I drive to my new campus. A beautiful sunrise greets me with a smile and a promise, one that’s never broken. While I miss my own students, I now work with dedicated teachers and their students in their classrooms, incredibly thankful for the opportunity, and though I don’t need reminding to be thankful, the sunrise is a welcome start that warms my soul.  Have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂

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    Becoming Unnecessary

    A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary. ~ Thomas Carruthers Become unnecessary?  Why would I do that? Because as teachers and as parents, it’s our responsibility to our students/children. My two cents?? Teach kids the definition of integrity: what you do when no one is looking,” … and get out of the way. Ever wonder why some teachers seem to just have it all together?  You walk into their room and things are humming along.  These folks might be your colleagues or they might be your own kids’/grandkids’ teachers.  What makes things different in these classrooms? If you’re a teacher with a classroom, a student in a classroom, or have visited a classroom,…

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    10 Steps to Building Community in the Classroom

    I’m often asked, “Robin, you always talk about ‘community‘ in your classroom.  How do you build it?” Great question! I’ve found over the years that building classroom community requires lots of “front-end loading” on my part, and as instructors, we can make a HUGE difference in our students’ learning experiences just by choosing to tackle these steps (or not). I always start with the end in mind.  Thank you, Dr. Stephen Covey. What do I want to know about my students? What do I want my students to know about me? What do I want my students to know about each other? How will this information be useful, to my…