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Happy Hearts Day!       For fellow Big Bang Theory fans …. Something my husband would say….   For whose who’ve been together a while….  😉   This is definitely ME!  🙂 🙂 🙂 For my husband… LYOAS… always. Happy Valentine’s Day, 2016!  

Time to answer another Black & White Challenge over at Cee’s photography blog! This week, Cee says, “Anything goes… pick your topic.”  My photo topics run the spectrum…. from a recent road trip to life in the studio and a personal message to keep me focused. My husband would tell you I’m not the best car rider. In fact, toddlers …

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  It’s Friday again and I’m just now finishing this week’s post for Thursday’s Black and White Photo Challenge over on Cee’s photography blog . It’s been (another) one of those weeks. Phew! This week, Cee asks us to share liquids. Here are mine….               Have a great weekend!  

So, it’s Friday evening and I’m just now getting to finish my post for this week’s Thursday black and white photo challenge over on Cee’s photography blog . It’s been one of those weeks. You know the kind. Ugh. But Friday is here and I’m actually sitting at the computer for a few minutes…. This week’s Thursday b & …

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Since discovering Cee’s photography blog last weekend and her Thursday B & W photo challenge, I’ve been anxiously awaiting today. In fact, my early morning blogging/writing habits were briefly off-course this morning when I discovered her challenge wasn’t posted as early as I wanted to write. Darn! But, that gave me all day to take …

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