My abstract art is a reflection of the quieter side of my personality and only recently began to emerge as a result of a project I started in fall 2016, as part of an online class with artist, Donna Downey. The project goal? Create a series of nine 10″ x 10″ canvases using a limited color palette (about five colors). To date, I’ve created six of the nine, with the remaining three In Progress. “Numbers” was the theme Donna asked us to use. I added my own twist to the project by adding text to each canvas and titled it “Journeys.” An up-close look at each one reveals a word or message. Want to learn more? Stop by my Studios Facebook page to read more behind the art…

Sunday Mornings” was my second abstract piece that literally happened in an afternoon. After images rolled around in my brain all day during my ‘day gig,’ I came home, went straight to my studio (didn’t bother to change out of work clothes!), pulled five canvases from the shelf and the colors from the first abstract project, tied my studio apron, and began creating. Three hours later, voila! No earthly idea where that came from, but I loved it! It was, as Elizabeth Gilbert describes it in Big Magic, one of those moments when an idea finds you, grabs you, and shakes you ’til you pay attention and create. I paid attention. I created. It was unbelievably powerful. Weird. But powerful. Indeed.

Both sets are available for purchase in the United States.

Want to see more of my abstract work? Be sure to check out my latest projects on Instagram, where I share things that inspire me and ‘works-in-progress’ almost daily.