I’m Robin Le Roy-Kyle (RobinLK, for short) – a question-asking, coffee-drinking educator turned business owner. I love a good story, make amazing messes, and never met a word I didn’t like.  

I’ve been a curious learner and creative writer my entire life – from my days as a ‘wee one’ to my days in the U.S. Navy. I’ve also been a teacher for 25+ years – asking the questions and always thinking, “Let’s try that!” as I’ve worked with middle, high school, and college students as well as colleagues in professional development and coaching/mentoring sessions.


how the creative process found me

Everything we do is a process – good or bad, fast or slow – it’s a process – and I’m fascinated by that. I’ve been reading and writing as long as I can remember, but when my writing voice disappeared in 2014 and I discovered art as therapy, colors splashed across paper and canvas helped me get through the darkest hours. We watched our baby sister battle breast cancer. It was slow, painful…. life-changing. Colors gave voice to my despair and rage. I had a place to scream as I tried to make sense of things. I discovered art as a form of therapy. 

A few months into 2015 and discovering art as therapy, a family member asked what I wanted to do with my new interest, I didn’t hesitate. I knew I wanted to share the power of creativity as a way to explore, discover, and grow through uncomplicated play with words and colors. There is no fancy art here. No judgment, no expectations – just time to figure things out and most importantly, have fun – if that’s what we need at the moment.

Still working as a full-time teacher and drawing on my years of teaching and learning, I created RobinLK Studios to inspire, encourage, teach, and support others. 

Creativity is essential to our well-being. It is not complicated.   


how the creative process can find you

Fast-forward a few years and our sister is healthy (thankfully). I continue to find joy in making inspirational mixed-media art on canvas, paper, and in original journals and books – all in my Etsy shop. But I also teach other women, teen and tween girls how to use the creative process now, too.  Through creative wordplay, mixed media art techniques, and simple mark-making (think doodles!), we learn how to work through our own ‘stuff’ while we’re discovering the road to our own personal and professional success.

We give our ‘stuff’ a voice, let it go, and begin to grow – planting seeds of success by clearing our heads while having fun

sprouts in soil

When you attend a RobinLK Studios creative event (workshop, retreat, coaching session), you can expect time and space for happy chatter or quiet reflection. And questions. Plenty of questions to help figure things out. When working with Robin for academic strategies support, we’ll use creative tools, too, because learning should never be boring!   

Most often, cool art supplies and uncomplicated wordplay let us ‘let loose,’ express ourselves and have fun. But sometimes, quiet space is requested – or offered. We are reflective as we figure things out – personally, professionally, or both.  

We were all creative once, but most of us put it away ‘to be a grown-up.’ It’s time to rediscover our creativity – or at the very least, let go and play – with words + colors – as we work toward our own personal/professional best.

I’d love to be your voice of encouragement and support you on your personal journey to success! Ready to get started? Click the Creative Events tab for more information or the Shop tab to attend a workshop or retreat (when posted). 



Creating art journals, also known as creative or visual journals, was my focus in 2019. Want to read more? Check out this short blog post I shared in late 2018. Want to see what I’ve been creating? Take a peek here.    

I repurpose discarded books (usually vintage) – turning them into beautiful ‘altered’ books that get a new life as coffee table books or journals – ready to be explored by the unsuspecting reader. (Don’t judge a book by its cover!)

Workshops were also on the Studios schedule in 2019, with events in central Florida. I’m grateful to our community partners for providing venue space for our events. 

Watch for 2020 events on my social media feeds!  @RobinLKStudios