Do you think art and writing sound like two things you absolutely, positively cannot do? Or maybe you think you’re not an artist or not a writer because you ‘just dabble.’ Well, I’m here to show you otherwise….

ALICE: This is impossible.

THE MAD HATTER: Only if you believe it is.

~ Alice in Wonderland
And… show you why playing with words + colors is absolutely, positively good for your soul!

As a lifelong learner, seasoned educator, Navy veteran, and kid with a tough upbringing, my life experiences have brought me to today. I’m a coffee-drinking, question-asking educator who established RobinLK Studios in 2015. In addition to coaching fellow educators, I inspire, inform, and empower women and girls by teaching them how to use words + colors to explore, discover, and grow into their truest self.

Neither art nor writing needs to be complicated.

Each offers opportunities to figure things out. I believe there is power in paint, paper, and glue. I believe there is power in sifting through words until the ones you need jump out at you. I believe there is power in getting messy. I believe that’s when things get real!

As an educator and coach, I’ve served students and peers for 25+ years – teaching and nurturing by asking questions. I’ve also used writing for 20+ years – both personally and professionally – to teach, inform, and make a difference in the world. To tell stories. And encourage others to tell theirs.

But when our youngest sister was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in late 2014, I felt helpless. My writing voice fell silent. It was then, thankfully, I discovered art as therapy. Eventually, my writing voice returned.

Now, I’m an educator, coach, and self-taught mixed-media artist. I create original art and handcrafted journals designed to inspire and empower. And since that life-changing event in our family, I’ve been committed to showing others how words + colors can help heal and clarify while adding color to figuring out life. I provide time and space for happy chatter or quiet reflection. Ready to join us?

I look forward to meeting you….