Creative Retreats

Local Retreats

Local retreats are designed as 1-day events to get you out of your own environment and into a creative space that allows for all-day focus without distraction.

  • Retreats encourage creative exploring, discovering/rediscovering, and personal/professional growth
  • Both words + colors are used to guide our process
  • Central Florida locations
  • Rates vary based on retreat activities and location
  • Limited to 8 guests to ensure a personalized, intimate experience
  • Watch for details here

Travel Retreats

Have you ever wanted to travel to a creative retreat, but didn’t want to go alone, didn’t know how to find them, or didn’t know how to plan for them? Beginning in 2020, RobinLK Studios is excited to offer the opportunity to travel with a small group to a great location oozing with creative goodness. Imagine: a cruise, a cool art workshop in another state, or even another country…..

  • Open to travel guests who know or have worked with Robin
  • Locations, number of days, and rates will vary
  • Limited to 8 guests
  • Watch for details here