Dear Teacher… {Six-Word Wednesday}

I recently shared six-word stories, one of my favorite writing forms, with my high school students, on a day we could actually breathe a little.  Any more, these days are few and far between.  No observers.  No guests.  No testing.  Just time to write. Creatively. Makes me miss (even more!) the days when Reading/Writing Workshop was … Continue reading Dear Teacher… {Six-Word Wednesday}

Six-Word Wed: Graduation Realities

Graduation approaches; seniors realizing.... they're not. It's that time of year again ~ when the seniors I've worked with all year - some lazy, some hesitant, some struggling - are realizing their efforts, or lack of, are leading to the painful realization of four weeks remaining and twelve years without a diploma. Tears have begun. Desperation palpable. I wish I could … Continue reading Six-Word Wed: Graduation Realities

Six-Word Wed: Celebrate Librarians/Media Specialists!

Always endless effort, media specialists ROCK!(6)  In the twenty years I've been teaching and training fellow teachers, I've often said our school's Media Specialist is one of our most important resources.  He or she wears so many hats and now more than ever, has an expanded role that requires much more knowledge and ability to juggle. Thank you for keeping our classrooms, … Continue reading Six-Word Wed: Celebrate Librarians/Media Specialists!