chicken Crystal Light cat food coffee creamer Creating my list for a quick stop at the grocery store is a mental game for me: Make a mental list. Repeat it a few times out loud. Count the items. Keep the numbered items in my head. Enter the store. Go to it! I'm sure people wonder why... Continue Reading →

Becoming Unnecessary

A teacher is one who makes himself progressively unnecessary. ~ Thomas Carruthers Become unnecessary?  Why would I do that? Because as teachers and as parents, it's our responsibility to our students/children. My two cents?? Teach kids the definition of integrity: what you do when no one is looking," ... and get out of the way. Ever wonder why some teachers... Continue Reading →

Why I Teach: Ten (Important) Reasons

Students Students Students Students Students Students Students Students Students Students   Oftentimes, when I tell people I'm a high school teacher, I get this response (or a slight variation), "Oh, wow!  I could never do that! Teenagers these days...." Truth is, the teenagers have been the only reason I keep coming back to the K-12 classroom.  Let's be clear... Continue Reading →

Friday Five: Influencing, Spelling, Coding, Zipping, Creating

What did you learn this week? I love to learn new things, and think a day's wasted if something new doesn’t make its way into my already-bustling brain.  A few random things learned this week:   German, Irish, Spanish, Indian, and Chinese influences are significant in Jamaica. *Thank you, Ms. Sheldon W., for sharing interesting insights about... Continue Reading →

5 Ways to Build Authentic Reading and Writing Into Any Class

Why do you read?    Chances are pretty good your answer goes something like this: I don’t read much. I don’t like to read. I like to read, but don’t have time. Or, if you’re a reader, your answer might be more like this: To escape. To learn new stuff. To keep up with the world.... Continue Reading →

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