Foolsgold…. {Great Reads}

After reading poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge, I couldn't wait to read Foolsgold, another visit into Ms. Wooldridge's wordpool and its impact on others (and herself). Ordered while still in the earliest chapters of poemcrazy, I anticipated more delicious conversation by an approachable author whose love of collecting, love of words, and love of collecting words all fit neatly into my … Continue reading Foolsgold…. {Great Reads}

Rusty Butt….

It's Friday and my brain has been buzzing all week... with all sorts of things. Wanted to share one this morning, before I head out the door for the 'day gig.'   🙂 I say that with affection... I love what I do! I recently finished reading fellow blogger, medical doctor, and author Carrie Rubin's novel, … Continue reading Rusty Butt….

Follow-up to my Love Affair with….

About a month ago I wrote about Amazon's Dash Buttons, something I discovered on accident while looking for something else... shocker.  😉 I wrote about them here and said I'd report back with my thoughts, after ordering one to try..... In my original post, I wondered, "Is this necessary? Will I give in to yet … Continue reading Follow-up to my Love Affair with….