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Life Dances On…. {Six Word Wednesday}


Spinning, circling


life dances on.


What’s your story in six today? 

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Take No Shit (and Other Good Advice)…. {Monday Motivation}


Saw this recently on Instagram and thought, “Well, that pretty much sums it up.”

Hope it’s been an awesome Monday!


Overcome the Edges…. {Monday Motivation}

a weed pushes through the concrete edge

Have an amazing Monday!

Ignorance and Stupidity…. {Monday Motivation}

MLK Jr Quote


As we remember those who’ve come before us and those impacting our world now…..

Have a thoughtful Monday.

I Envy the Cows…. {Six Word Wednesday}

 a cow in a field with a quote

What’s your story in six today? 

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Make Magic…. {Monday Motivation}


Don’t hold back…. go out there and make some magic!

Have a wonderful Monday.