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Two full weeks into 2016.  How are those resolutions coming along? I decided a few years ago that I was ditching the ‘r word’ (resolutions) and embracing ‘goals’ instead. Much more reasonable in my opinion. Semantics? Maybe. Blame it on middle age. Blame it on laziness. Whatever. I’m kind of a realist, I think. Or lazy. Either way….. I stumbled on to a post that …

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A little late, but worth sharing – one of my favorite Facebook profiles, Power of Positivity…. Providing daily doses of happiness and good vibes. Recommend!  

  For my husband, the person I look forward to being stupid with as often as possible….  😉 Hope yours was an awesome Monday! Now, go be stupid with the one you love.  🙂

**Sidenote:   This post became a very personal piece as I wrote the draft and reflected on it for two full two days….lots of editing and soul-searching going on… a much-needed catharsis.  So, if time (or interest) isn’t on your side, feel free to hit delete and visit another day – for a much shorter post. If you’d like to read on and …

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Sink? Swim? Every day, the choice is ours…. Surf’s up! We’ve got this.   Happy Monday.  🙂

Saw this image on Facebook today and couldn’t help but think that it was the quiet of my own ‘imaginary friends’ back in January/February that led me to discovering mixed-media art.  Yep, I’m a glass half-full sorta gal!  😉 Luckily, my imaginary friends now whisper encouragement to me when I’m creating my most favorite pieces of art:  …

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If you’ve ever read Harold and the Purple Crayon, then you already know about the whole ‘purple crayon imagination’ thing. For the rest of us, well, now we know, too!  I must admit, as an avid collector of children’s picture books, I’m not sure why I don’t own this simple, yet beautiful book about creativity and imagination. In …

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What a fun way to start the week!  Dr. Seuss, so wise, who knew??  Well, if you’ve ever read his books, then you knew, that’s who!    😉 Happy Monday!

  What a great weekend at the Ringling College of Art and Design – growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun! Hope yours was infused with some creativity, too.  🙂 Happy Monday!  

I have two sisters who constantly amaze me.  I loved them when we were kids, but I love them even more as I watch them with their own kids.  This weekend, our youngest sister, whom I refer to as Baby Sister, was once again challenged as her oldest son suffered a major accident on the …

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It occurred to me as we drove home from a holiday weekend trip to the beach that I posted neither a Sunday Funny nor a Monday Motivation.  Slacker. I also realized that I thought about the upcoming weekend over the past few weeks, as possible posts rolled through my mind. Frankly, nothing felt quite right as I …

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An ideal worth striving for, always….   Happy Monday. Make it one to remember….. 🙂  

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