Sunday Funnies… {Caution: Autocorrect = Mature Content}

One word:   Autocorrect

Autocorrect:  Defined as ‘text replacement; replace-as-you-type; an automatic data validation function’

Autocorrect:  The thing that irritates me the most about my phone! How about you?  I’d add:  The bane of modern communication!

There’s no denying it – Autocorrect creates some funny (and maddening when you’re in a hurry!) stuff.  Here goes….







This week’s images came from a quick Internet search; sources are embedded in the images.

Happy Sunday!


(and check your text before you hit Send!)

Sunday Funnies… {Random Silliness}

Cookie Monster "Today I will live in the moment..."
Nom! Nom!
Crazy Lady Starter Kit: Box of Kittens
Ragan, this one’s for you! 🙂
Google Search Funny Quote
Isn’t this the truth??
Math Funny Quote: Bacon
The kind of math a math idiot (like me) can understand….
Funny Noah's Ark Quote


Happy Sunday!


Sunday Funnies…. {Creativity}

I love a good laugh, don’t you?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Sunday Funny.  As I get my writing chops back in line, here are a few ‘creative’ funnies in the spirit of World Creativity and Innovation Week….

Quote about Creativity
source: fubarfarm2.blogspot


Creative Funny - Test Answer


Playing with Food - Oranges


Sign Now Hiring Must Have Clue


Funny Sign Dancers


Happy Sunday!


Sunday Funnies … {Resolutions}

Welcome to 2015! 

Marty McFly 2015 Reference


And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming….. (though posted today at holiday hours!)

Hope you enjoyed downtime with family and friends over the past two weeks. After several days of Christmas cheer with the Mr.’s half of our family and a blissful lack of online time (my sanity requires this several times a year), I’ve been quietly sifting through crap reorganizing my home office ~ or as I like to call it, My Creative Space, making new room for lots o’ new writing and art projects this year.  Beyond that, resolutions?  Ha!  😉

Funny Cartoon_New Year's Resolutions

Happy Sunday!


Sunday Funnies…{Time to Wrap Things Up}

As we wrap up 2014 (couldn’t resist), thought I’d share some wrapping paper humor… Really??  Yes, it exists!  Sadly.

Big thanks to all my fellow pinners whose humor is as off-key as mine….   😉


Teenagers’  rebellious spirit….  



Star Wars fans, this one’s for you…. (Yes, husband… this includes YOU)!


For the ‘weirdly creative’ among us….



How about some ‘rapping’ paper….  ??  


Keeping the faith…..  



For the thrifty/crafty Pinners out there…. Can you relate?? 




A little ‘adult humor’ ….  Oops!  #fail



Lastly… truth. Admit it.




Happy Sunday!

Keep smiling.




Sunday Funnies…{Holidays and Truth}

Shout-out to fellow pinners whose life view feels oh-so-familiar…. Pinterest:  today’s photo credits…


ee Card: Holiday Shopping
One for you…. one for me!


Quote: I am not lazy...
Sunday mode….
Looking to the week ahead…..


ee Cards: Brain Cells
What’s going through my head most of the time!


Happy Sunday!