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    Sunday Funnies… {Small Biz Tax Humor}

    tax preparer and client discussing write-offs
    credit: pinterest.com


    Fellow small business owners…. can’t blame us for asking, right?!  😉

    But you can deduct some of your housing expenses if you meet the criteria – a checklist worth figuring out!  (News to my Hubs that made him smile…..)

    Have a fantastic Sunday! 

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    {Sunday Funnies}….Benefits of Being Messy

    man in messy bed
    credit: ocusfocus/istock_reader’s digest

    “Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but sloppiness is a lot easier. And there are loads of benefits to being messy, too.”

    Finally! Research to back up my habits.  😉 I really hope The Mr. reads this blog post.  Beds and desks…#creativity … Just sayin’…..

    Source: Benefits of Being Messy: 7 Reasons It’s Better to Be a Slob

    Hope you’ve had a fantastic Sunday.


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    Sunday Funnies… {Spring? Edition}

    For our northern friends….



    Hang in there, guys! Meantime, enjoy our Florida view….

    Backyard View
    Plants and grass are a little worse for the wear after a bit of cold air the past few months, but all in all, today’s weather is spectacular….. #FloridaWinters

    Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.


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    Sunday Funnies… {Peeling the Perspectives}

    My husband and I approach things very differently. (I’m pretty sure we’re not the only couple who’d say this.) But our end result is often the same – from the outcome of a task to a location we’re heading…

    Case in point:  How to peel a Halo. Recently, we each had one, and when I scooped up the skins to throw away, I got distracted and set them down on my way through the kitchen. (Shocker, he’d tell you!)  Anyway… when I walked back through to grab the orange skins and toss them, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Take a look for yourself:

     Orange Skins on Kitchen Counter


    He:   the neatnik

    Me:  the proverbial 12-year-old boy… a little messy….  😉

    Have an awesome Sunday! 

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    Sunday Funnies… {Valentine’s Day 2016}

    Happy Hearts Day!


    valentine card
    credit: choco-moco



    For fellow Big Bang Theory fans ….

    credit: notalwaysromantic.com

    Something my husband would say….

    credit: designbolts.com


    For whose who’ve been together a while….  😉

    credit: funnygala.com


    This is definitely ME!  🙂 🙂 🙂

    valentine card
    credit: someecards.com

    For my husband… LYOAS… always.

    elderly couple walking hand in hand
    credit: art.com

    Happy Valentine’s Day, 2016!


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    Sunday Funnies… {Super Bowl 50 Edition}

    Super Bowl 50 logo

    It’s time!! The day football fans have been working toward for months…. mammoth amounts of wings, beer, chips, dip, guacamole (Zantac, anyone?), shameless screaming at officials who can’t hear us, and The.Most.Important.Part – the commercials ….  Super Bowl Sunday has arrived!

    In the spirit of the day and in honor of one of my favorite friends who is a HUUUUUUGE football fan who counts down to the start of every football season….  Sorry, Bex, the Cowboys still aren’t there and it’ll be seven long months until football season returns.  😉

    To all the football fans out there – including The Mr. ….

    Super Bowl Somee Card

    Go, Panthers!


    Have a Super Sunday! 

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    Sunday Funnies… {Are We There Yet?}

    Simpson Family in the Car
    credit: pinterest.com

    Parents, how many times have you heard THAT question?

    Remember your first road trip with your kids when you had more than one cherub and ruckus was sure to happen any minute or, even tougher – parents traveled with kids and without  DVD players in vehicles? Did the kiddos drive you nuts??

    Well, this weekend was our turn – our first-ever road trip with ‘the kids’ – my husband’s soon-to-be 20 y/o daughter whom we recently found (long story with a great ending), and her fiancé. While they’re visiting us from another state, we hopped on the highway to take them to meet her paternal grandmother for the first time.  We rented a minivan ~ our MacDaddy Family Ride….. quite different from what Husband and I are used to driving…  but plenty of room for our new family.

    chrysler minivan
    credit. en.wikipedia.org

    Then it happens:  somewhere along the Turnpike, in between singing 80s classics, the kids play-fighting, stories about poop (yes, I’m telling the truth…apparently, you’re never too old to tell poo stories), and crazy other stuff, I look over at my husband who’s been waiting 19 years to have this experience.. and he’s grinning ear-to-ear.

    Just then, The Daughter yells, “Are we there yet?” from the backseat.

    Husband and I start laughing. Her other half (the other ‘kid,’ though 22) chimes in with the same question.

    The Daughter says:  “Mom told me to give you guys the full family car ride experience!” With that, she repeats the question with her best whiny voice, “Are ….we…. there… yet?”

    Me (a thought in my head and a lump in my throat)….  “No, kiddo, we are just getting started.”

    And no one seemed to mind that the DVDs stayed in their boxes.  😉

    Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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    Sunday Funnies… {Finding Your Tribe}

    Don’t you love it when a friend sees a quote or a picture and thinks of you (preferably in a good way!).  Recently, my friend and fellow writer, Natine, tagged me in a photo that made me laugh out loud (and nod in agreement). The comments of the others tagged too, were just as funny.

    Seems those of us tagged all understand that our tribe is just a little …. hmmmm… shall we say unorthodox…..  According to dictionary.com, synonyms for unorthodox include:

    • eccentric
    • unconventional
    • unusual
    • crazy
    • nonconformist
    • off-the-beaten-path
    • weird

    Yep! I’d say those are all a good fit at one time or another.   🙂

    Different drummer, different music, different, different. But oh-so-special! As fellow bloggers, I suspect you’ll agree….

    black and white photo young ballerinas labeled with professions


    How about you? Do you belong to our zany tribe?

    Have a great Sunday!