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Soooo….. it’s currently 98 degrees outside and 89 degrees inside. The “Maytag Man” paid us a visit this morning after our a/c bit the dust late last night. O.M.G. That pretty much sums things up today….  Nothing funny happening.  (but I’ve gotta find a little humor, somehow) As the technician spoke with my husband about air …

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She painted ’til her crazy ….   vanished.   Hope you found a way to manage your crazy today.  😉

A well known (by some) annual event took place Friday…. did you participate? Do you know what it was? Don’t worry if you didn’t know, but here’s a heads-up for next year:  The first Friday in June is known as National Donut Day in the United States.  Which brings us to another idea to consider… Is …

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Another school year, in the books!    Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday! 😉

  Here’s a short Sunday Funny, evening edition. After two weekends of highway travel, I thought I’d rant with some funnies. I suspect some many of us will relate…..  😉               Stupid drivers, do us all a favor and get OFF the road!! This concludes this evening’s rant.  😉  

Do you ever notice what I like to call ‘textual mishaps’ when you’re reading something (including blogs… maybe even this one once in a while…oops!)?  I sure do. Often, when I’m driving. Business signs are the best…. sometimes on purpose (GREAT marketing technique) and sometimes not on purpose (low literacy/no proofing = problematic marketing).  In fact, I saw one the other day I’m saving …

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As our local weather begins to flirt with our typical summer temps in the 90s, I thought I’d share a little snowman humor to ‘cool things off’ a bit….                       Happy Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day!

Found this six-word a few years ago… always makes me smile!    Have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂

For my husband, all the other Star Wars devoted out there, and those who enjoy a good pun…..    Happy Monday and Happy Star Wars Day. 🙂

One word:   Autocorrect Autocorrect:  Defined as ‘text replacement; replace-as-you-type; an automatic data validation function’ Autocorrect:  The thing that irritates me the most about my phone! How about you?  I’d add:  The bane of modern communication! There’s no denying it – Autocorrect creates some funny (and maddening when you’re in a hurry!) stuff.  Here goes….   This week’s …

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I recently discovered Cee’s Photography Blog and love her ideas. Photography is one my favorite forms of art. She posts different photo challenges to encourage others to have fun and slow down to pay attention to the details. Sundays are for her Odd Ball Photo Challenge. Here’s my contribution for this week (a little morbid, I admit, …

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