Underpants and the Art Studio…. {a Little 411 Fun}

canvases painted red on studio table-underpaintingArtists call it underpainting: a layer of paint that goes on first, as a base coat, to provide a foundation for finished work, adding depth and tonal qualities to later layers in acrylic and oil paintings. Colors vary.

I’ve read that some contemporary artists use this technique, though it was much more common by the greats before them.

I began tinkering with paint in 2015, but didn’t learn about underpainting until a few months ago, while watching an artist on YouTube. Then, during a recent workshop, I heard the term again as Donna Downey added a layer of red paint to her canvas, explaining its purpose. Want to know more? Here’s a little 411 on the topic.

Steeped in art history, underpainting is a method I now employ. Not only does it eliminate a blank white canvas, I also love how bits of red peek through in my work.

However, always playing with words {here’s the fun part}….

I prefer to call it underpants.


It makes me laugh every time I say it!  😉


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Star Wars Fans! {Six Word Wednesday}

The number six

rae from star wars
credit: techtimes.com
starwarsfunny darth vader toaster
credit: thinkgeek.com

May the Fourth be with You! 


Rusty Butt….

It’s Friday and my brain has been buzzing all week… with all sorts of things. Wanted to share one this morning, before I head out the door for the ‘day gig.’   🙂

I say that with affection… I love what I do!

cover of book, Eating Bull
credit: amazon/CarrieRubin

I recently finished reading fellow blogger, medical doctor, and author Carrie Rubin’s novel, Eating Bull. It, along with a post she recently shared, along with my own food and image issues, have all been on my mind. I look forward to sharing my review of her book (highly recommend) with a little of my own story (real life) thrown in for perspective.

Until then, though, thought I’d throw a little humor out into the world for a fun Friday… a result of one of those times when I stood beside the fridge and looked at all those magnets – ‘listening’ for the words, to see what was coming out that day. (think: ouija board!)

Here’s what it was…

funny poem about needing to exercise
credit: RobinLKStudios


Have a fantastic Friday!

Sunday Funnies… {Small Biz Tax Humor}

tax preparer and client discussing write-offs
credit: pinterest.com


Fellow small business owners…. can’t blame us for asking, right?!  😉

But you can deduct some of your housing expenses if you meet the criteria – a checklist worth figuring out!  (News to my Hubs that made him smile…..)

Have a fantastic Sunday! 

{Sunday Funnies}….Benefits of Being Messy

man in messy bed
credit: ocusfocus/istock_reader’s digest

“Cleanliness may be next to Godliness, but sloppiness is a lot easier. And there are loads of benefits to being messy, too.”

Finally! Research to back up my habits.  😉 I really hope The Mr. reads this blog post.  Beds and desks…#creativity … Just sayin’…..

Source: Benefits of Being Messy: 7 Reasons It’s Better to Be a Slob

Hope you’ve had a fantastic Sunday.


Sunday Funnies… {Spring? Edition}

For our northern friends….



Hang in there, guys! Meantime, enjoy our Florida view….

Backyard View
Plants and grass are a little worse for the wear after a bit of cold air the past few months, but all in all, today’s weather is spectacular….. #FloridaWinters

Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.