Of Aqua Net and Apologies…. {Slice of Life}

Recently, while hurrying through our teacher workroom before sunrise, a fellow teacher stopped me. We worked together in Career & Technical Education a few years ago. She was a tech center instructor, while I served as an instructional coach, bringing pedagogy to CTE instructors. Now, we both teach at the local high school. "I owe you an apology," she declared. I quickly... Continue Reading →

Tell Us About Yourself: Sending an Introvert Into a Tailspin

Freaked out at the thought of having to introduce yourself to strangers?   Several months ago I blogged about my BIG discovery {here}, after reading Susan Cain's, Quiet: The Power of Introverts, last December.  What a great read!  In it, she discusses introverts in our society and society's response to them.  She writes, "The bias against introversion leads to... Continue Reading →

Social Media: Are You Creating or Cringing?

Technology continues to advance. Students' learning continues to evolve with technology.  Is your instruction evolving, too?    What do you think when you read the phrase Social Media?  Does it spark your creativity or serve up a hefty helping of uncertainty? Social media wasn't what it is today when I was still in the classroom full-time.  We weren't tweeting and updating our... Continue Reading →

Classroom 411: An Interactive Training Session Leads to New Ideas

Recently, a dedicated group of twenty educators and industry experts from Valencia Community College, Orange County Public Schools (Career and Technical Education), and Osceola County Public Schools (Career & Technical Education) met on a Saturday to participate in a lively staff development training session that explored ways to build "classroom community" regardless of the environment: live, online, or hybrid, and more... Continue Reading →

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