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    Bit by Bit: Creative Elements and Life

    It’s been a while since I cobbled words into a blog post. Nine months give or take. Where does the time go? To be sure, I’ve been writing plenty since then – filling writing notebooks before sunrise, building words into my art, and making notes in the margins as I read books that fill me with answers and more questions about the reading/writing/creating process. Business ownership also became a central theme as I committed to moving in the direction I’ve intended the past four years. Less than 48 hours ago – after a month of planning, I enjoyed a Friday night Sip and Make Mixed-Media Art Workshop with friends –…

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    Broken but Ferocious …. {Six Word Wednesday}

        Another random gathering of words that presented themselves to me. From the first time I read these words and every time after, I think of the teenagers I’ve taught over 20+ years – many broken, but angry and trying to hide it ….   What’s your story in six today?  Art + Writing = Creative by Discovery  What’s happening in the studios these days? Latest pictures and projects on Facebook and Instagram  @RobinLK Studios 

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    Learner or Teacher?

      The other day, while reading fellow blogger and author Carrie Rubin’s post about authors, gender, standards, and profanity/violence, I replied with my perspective as a teacher who worked with middle and high school students for many years. As a reading specialist and as a writer myself, I required lots of writing from my students and taught them that reading and writing go hand-in-hand. My reply to her post:  Characters need to be believable and readers need to decide what’s appropriate for themselves (or with a parent, if the reader is a preteen/adolescent); a rating system isn’t necessary. I didn’t give my response a second thought when I hit Send….. I naturally define my thinking from a teacher’s perspective. Or do…

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    Amazon, You Continue to Fascinate (and Scare!) Me

      How easy is it to shop in your PJs, have something delivered the same day, and now push a button to reorder something while you’re in the middle of your daily household routines? Well, if you’re an Amazon shopper, pretty darn easy! I admit: I’m fascinated by Amazon’s continued efforts to make shopping convenient and affordable. I’m less fascinated by the personalization, though. Minority Report comes to mind….   A few years ago, while still in the classroom and often buying books at the request of my high school students, I discovered Amazon’s Prime service. For a modest annual fee I could purchase books online and have them delivered to my door within two days? For a busy teacher whose need for classroom resources was…

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    Filed Under “Wow!” Einstein’s Space-Time Theory Confirmed

    “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ~ Albert Einstein   Thank you, Dr. Einstein, for always questioning. Thanks to a team of physicists who also embraced questions, Einstein’s space-time theory is finally confirmed. According to The New York Times today,   A team of physicists who can now count themselves as astronomers announced on Thursday that they had heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding a billion light-years away, a fleeting chirp that fulfilled the last prophecy of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. That faint rising tone, physicists say, is the first direct evidence of gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric…

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    A year ago, January 4, 2015, I drafted this post, but never published it. I was struggling terribly and knew that if something didn’t change soon, I’d go right over the edge. It was a really, really, tough time for me…… Jan 4, 2015: What do you do when what you do is no longer what you wish to do?    The clarity is undeniable. As I write this post, it’s Sunday evening. In a few short hours, I’ll return to my high school classroom and my students, after two weeks’ winter vacation. We will catch up ~ talking of gifts and family visits, travels and test scores (ACT and SAT scores were being posted during our time off). We will laugh and tell stories. Then,…

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    What do you make?

    Lately, when I tell people that I have an art studio in our home, I’m often asked, “What kind of art do you make?” My reply:  “Really cool mixed media!” I get the funniest looks…. Writing is easier to explain: I’m a freelance writer & blogger. Then, I can mention a few projects or share my blog title. Explanation clear. But I’m finding with art, an explanation is tougher to give. When I say I’m a mixed-media artist, that leads to the next logical question:  What’s mixed media? When I explain it’s a combination of materials – ink, acrylic paint, watercolors, charcoal, graphite, fabric, metal, paper, plastic, yarn, thread, ephemera, etc…. the usual reaction is, “What…

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    Sunrise Reminds Me….. {Six Word Wednesday}

      Sunrise reminds me daily….be thankful.    (6)   After returning to the high school classroom in 2011, arriving each day in the predawn darkness, and struggling physically (often, emotionally and spiritually) for 3 1/2 years, leaving it was both a necessity and a blessing that is reinforced daily as I drive to my new campus. A beautiful sunrise greets me with a smile and a promise, one that’s never broken. While I miss my own students, I now work with dedicated teachers and their students in their classrooms, incredibly thankful for the opportunity, and though I don’t need reminding to be thankful, the sunrise is a welcome start that warms my soul.  Have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂

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    Right Turn Ahead…{Slice of Life}

      Funny how a summer can put things in perspective. Paradigm shift.   Bells ring. Students arrive. Nine weeks come and go. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Biding my time. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Biding my time.   Then ….   Don’t get excited, but….       Too late.   Excited! Even for Maybe.   Right turn ahead? Maybe.   Emptying cabinets. Sorting supplies. Boxing books.   Am ready.   Mixed feelings about leaving mid-year. But… not mixed feelings about leaving.   Am ready.   Waiting. Hopeful.   If not now, soon.