Writing Short(ly)

How many words does it take to tell a story? One could argue that using fewer words conveys more meaning and requires more thinking. Brevity is king. In fact, many writers prefer to tell stories in short form, guiding the reader on a literary journey - in 100 or fewer, 50 or fewer, only six … Continue reading Writing Short(ly)

Drawing Them Out: Faces Reveal Artist’s Growth

As 2018 unfolds, I've been reflecting on my creative journey. What began as art discovery (a form of therapy, if you will) during a difficult time in my life - personally and professionally - has developed into a way of living that is as necessary to me as breathing and eating. My head often feels … Continue reading Drawing Them Out: Faces Reveal Artist’s Growth

Of Stories and Strangers…..

A few months ago, a fellow IG creative reached out to me and said she'd like to share some of the many vintage postage stamps she has. I was elated! Of course, thank you. But why me? On most accounts, one would say we're strangers. Over the next week, as we were dealing with Hurricane Irma here in Florida, … Continue reading Of Stories and Strangers…..

Broken but Ferocious …. {Six Word Wednesday}

    Another random gathering of words that presented themselves to me. From the first time I read these words and every time after, I think of the teenagers I've taught over 20+ years - many broken, but angry and trying to hide it ....   What's your story in six today?  Art + Writing = Creative by Discovery  What's happening in … Continue reading Broken but Ferocious …. {Six Word Wednesday}