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    Notice the Details

    What do you notice?

    Do you see that small crack in the sidewalk as you walk from your car to your office? How about that piece of red thread that’s been billowing from the skinny tree branch outside your front door? Or maybe it’s the shape of someone’s eyes…. What about that scratch of green paint on that door? Or the old house you’ve passed a gazillion times? Did you notice that vintage truck in the parking lot that makes your heart sing every time you see it?

    One of the hallmark characteristics of Creatives is simply We Notice. This is especially true of writers. No matter how small, we notice the details.

    So what do you notice?

    Here’s my tip:

    Notice the details. Take pictures of everyday things as you move through your day. No posing. No selfies. No props. Just notice and click. Aim for 1 – 3 (or more!) pictures a day. Before long, you will have curated a small gallery of images that make you smile, laugh, or cry. They remind you of something – to do or say – or of someone. Or of that time…

    Maybe you’ll be inspired to share them online or use them for reference to write or to paint…

    Go ahead. Notice the details. You’ll be glad you did…

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    Find “It” ….. {Monday Motivation}


    credit: Foolsgold by Susan G. Wooldridge

    credit: Bird by Bird, by Ann Lamott

    Find what ‘it’ is that makes ‘creating’ your Happy Place…..
    Is it the process? The product? Small pieces that help you manage the project?
    Figure it out and get after it!
    Happy Monday


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    Broken but Ferocious …. {Six Word Wednesday}

    six word story:  they surround you broken but ferrocious



    Another random gathering of words that presented themselves to me.

    From the first time I read these words and every time after, I think of the teenagers I’ve taught over 20+ years –

    many broken, but angry and trying to hide it ….


    What’s your story in six today? 


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    I’m Not Creative! So Said She (or He)

    crayons up close
    credit: Pinterest

    Remember when you were little and had that GIANT box of Crayola crayons and endless sheets of blank white paper?

    Remember how carefree and happy you felt as you drew purple elephants, orange grass, and places no one had ever seen?

    What happened?  

    For most of us, being creative is a distant memory, and depending on where you’re reading this blog post, you may or may not be tapped into your own creativity any more… you know, that rush to draw and paint and write with abandon…

    Why aren’t we all there? Why do adults lose that sense of carefree happiness that comes from creating? Why do adults eliminate creating/making from their lives?

    Oh… because we have to ‘adult’ {apparently, now a verb in current vernacular} – all.the.time.

    Ummm…. I Don’t Think So.

    In fact, I get all outta sorts when I lose creative time to life’s To Do lists!


    • Did you know being creative positively influences your health, including the decrease of stress, anxiety, and depression?
    • Did you know being creative increases productivity?
    • Did you know being creative makes you happy – or happier if you’re lucky enough to already be one of those smiling fools.  😉
    • Did you know being creative can be just plain fun??

    *Research supports each of the above statements. I wouldn’t make this stuff up, I wouldn’t kid about creativity, and…. I experienced it firsthand, which I shared here on my About page.

    Creativity “Loosely” Defined {or Generally Accepted by Those Who Study Such Stuff} is… connecting ideas”

    But don’t believe me because I find calm, focus, and fun in writing and ‘arting’ ….  🙂

    Check out these articles that share the wisdom…..

    Article: The Psychology Behind Creativity

    Article: The Science Behind Creativity


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