Are You Creative?

Are you creative?

It seems many people answer No to this question. Often, when someone finds out that I dabble in colors and play with words, he or she will say to me, “I wish I was more creative!” or “I wish I could find time to be creative!” My response is always the same: encourage that person to find his or her inner child again.


Truth is, we are all creative in some way. But like anything else important to us, we have to make time for it, nurture it, celebrate it. Instead, we get bogged down in the gazillion details (important or not) of our day, and we forget to give time to (or just ignore) that thing that really is essential to all of us:  fun.

Why? Well, that I don’t know, but what I do know is this:  When we make time to discover our own creativity, we have fun, which leads to more balance in our everyday, things-we-must-do life.

In recent months, I’ve had the pleasure of talking with people in my daytime work world who have begun to rediscover their own creativity. This is so exciting to me!  I squeal with delight when I hear someone say, “I signed up for a painting class” or “This is my year to get creative!” (and I’m a middle-aged woman, so squealing throws on-lookers off a little).


In 2017, a few folks asked if I’d ‘teach some classes.’  As a 20+ year educator, I was intrigued by this request, because sharing information is what I know how to do. I also know how to make messes. And, I’m happiest when I can inspire others. Seems like a natural fit, right?  Well, it turned out 2017 wasn’t the right fit for a new venture, but 2018 is looking promising!


found words forming a poem
Take the leap!


Areyou creative? This may be YOUR year!  🙂
quote: do more of what makes you happy
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