mixed media art: Magic

RobinLK working in her art studio

I’m Robin.
Always curious.
Always thinking.
Always creating.

I am… Creative by Discovery.

Everything we do is a process – good or bad, fast or slow – it’s all a process – and I’m fascinated by that. I’ve been reading and writing as long as I can remember, but when my writing voice disappeared in 2014, I discovered art as a therapy that would help me get through the darkest hours. The process was slow and painful, but necessary.

When someone close to me asked what I wanted to do with my newly-discovered interest in art, I didn’t hesitate. Still working in Education full-time, I created RobinLK Studios – part writing, part ‘arting’ – 100% making/creating!

Now, I find joy in playing with words + colors…. gifting some of my work, selling online and in person. I also find joy in helping others rediscover their own creativity! We were all creative once, but many of us put it away ‘to be a grown-up.’ It’s time to rediscover your creativity!

Want to learn more about abstract and mixed-media art or join us in central Florida for an afternoon art party for grownups?  You’ll find information under the Art tab at the top of this page. 

You can find my original art online or experience it in person  exclusively at Every Nook + Cranny – on the corner of 3rd and Donnelly in historic Mount Dora, Florida, home to Renninger’s Antiques.

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