RobinLK in her studio
Art became my therapy…. in the studio, early 2015

Hi! I’m Robin Le Roy-Kyle, known online as RobinLK.  A Navy veteran and longtime teacher, I’ve added ‘creative’ to my list of personal adjectives. A Florida girl with salt in my veins, I believe a day near the ocean cures many things…..

However, when the ocean couldn’t quite fix what made me sad, I began discovering art as a way to overcome exceptionally challenging times in my personal and professional lives; it was late 2014 and my writing voice seemed to disappear. The quiet frightened me. A lot. So did my youngest sister’s illness. Even more. 

Being a lifelong reader and writer, blending my love of words with texture, textiles, color and images helped me find my writing voice again and the strength to handle the challenges. 

When someone close to me suggested I decide if art would be a business or a hobby, I thought about how I’d like to spend the next 20 years and didn’t hesitate. Still working in Education full-time, I created RobinLK Studios in summer 2015 – part writing, part ‘arting’ – 100% making/creating! I’m happiest when I can write and create art, which I now do as often as possible…. finding a few minutes most days to create… even if it’s just doodles or a line or two of something on my mind. 

Some people play with their food. I play with colors. And words. Sometimes, colorful words!


My mission:  Inspire and encourage others to discover their own creativity. Sharing my art gives me great pleasure in knowing others can enjoy it as much as I enjoy creating it….  and it frees up space for all those new pieces in the studio! You can buy my art/stationery online through Facebook and in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida, home to well-known Renninger’s Antiques.

->  What I believe:

  • Life’s detours, speed bumps, and green lights (if we look closely enough) are all part of the process – very necessary and happening, no matter what!
  • Questioning is a must
  • Fun and play are essential
  • A life with purpose is the only way to live
  • The world is a box of crayons, full of possibilities and opportunities to color outside the lines
  • Catching life through a lens – one image at a time – is a great way to see the world
  • Color and words (and sometimes colorful words!) rock! It’s not unusual to see splotches of paint on her arms, elbows, or legs during a Monday meeting… 😉
 Contact and Shop:  Facebook  @RobinLKStudios