mixed media art: Magic

RobinLK working in her art studio

I’m Robin.
Always curious.
Always thinking.
Always creating.

I am… creative by discovery.

Everything we do is a process – good or bad, fast or slow – it’s all a process – and I’m fascinated by that. I’ve been reading and writing as long as I can remember, but when my writing voice disappeared in 2014, I discovered art as a therapy that would help me get through the darkest hours. The process was slow and painful, but necessary.

When someone close to me asked what I wanted to do with my newly-discovered interest in art, I didn’t hesitate. Still working in Education full-time, I created RobinLK Studios – part writing, part ‘arting’ – 100% making/creating!

Now, I find joy in playing with words AND colors…. gifting some of my work, while selling it online and in person. I also find joy in helping others rediscover their own creativity! We were all creative as children, but many of us put it away ‘to be a grown-up.’ It’s time to rediscover your creativity!

Want to learn more about abstract and mixed-media art? Be sure to click the tabs.

You can find my original art online or experience it in person  exclusively at Every Nook + Cranny – on the corner of 3rd and Donnelly in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida, home to Renninger’s Antiques.

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