What’s your personal story? Do you know it? We all have one that either defines or defies us. Is your story helping you be the very best version of you? Or is it getting in your way? Maybe knowing it more clearly would help you grow??  

Welcome to RobinLK Studios – where words + colors guide the process and creative events are designed to inspire, educate, and empower women and girls. We explore, discover, and grow while learning and creating together,  leading to personal and professional success. 

During RobinLK Studios workshops, retreats, and groups, we create toward discovery. We are figuring things out one word and one color at a time. We are learning about personal success, professional success, small business ownership, study strategies, and connecting beyond the social media world.  

When was the last time you made time for you? Time for thoughts, goals, dreams, struggles, wishes, and worries…. time to pause, focus, reflect and make sense of things. Time to learn, grow, and succeed…. 

Has it been a while? When will you make time for you? Why not today? Let’s figure things out together…. one word, one color, one mark at a time. 


explore. discover. grow.