I play with colors and words. I make messes.

I’m happiest when I can inspire others….  

And it all begins with a first draft. 



I’m Robin. always curious. always thinking. always creating.

….. always exploring and discovering! 

I’ve been a curious learner my entire life, a let’s try that! sort of teacher (middle/high school/college) for 25+ years, and most recently – a self-taught mixed-media artist. I’m also a cheerleader of all things creative! In spite of all that interaction, I’m really an introvert masquerading in an extrovert’s world – with a brain that feels like 100 Internet tabs open at once, all the time.   


Art and writing often start with an idea that wants to get out ~ a first draft, if you will.  Then, the first idea gives way to lots of ideas – layers adding their own texture and impact to a project. But drafts need time to breathe {whether words or colors}, so there are always lots of projects on my work table and my writing desk. For me, the process is the best part. The final product? Bonus, indeed. 

I love experimenting with tools and techniques and discovering what comes out of the messy blend of colors + words!  Each art piece and writing piece is an original that’s handcrafted on my work table or desk, a snapshot of life, as I share my thoughts and feelings while trying to figure things out.