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It’s not uncommon to find random words stuck in funny places around our home… the side of a chair, between the couch cushions, the bottom of my shoe, the bottom of my foot (!), the inside of a cabinet… you name it. With more than 1,000 bits cut and waiting to be pressed into use, it’s not a far stretch to find them somewhere…. lurking. waiting. hanging out.

But that’s not really where I want those word bits to live!

So where are they when they aren’t roaming around our home?? I find everyday containers work great… some better than others. Three of my favorites are small mayo jars, wide-mouth salsa or queso jars, and Talenti jars (also wide-mouth). Each is small enough to place in my lap while watching TV and cutting up deconstructing books and to dig through when I’m looking for something. 😉 Sometimes the jars’ contents are even themed, which makes organizing and finding just the right word … easy.

Nothing fancy or complicated about this tip. Just lots of hot soapy water and plenty of drying time before using….. repurposed food containers + repurposed word bits and a dab of paint or washi tape (optional). Sustainable creative containers for the win!

Do you have a favorite repurposed, sustainable container you use for art + writing supplies?

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