Robin is a lifelong learner, seasoned educator, writer, artist, and US Navy veteran. She writes and creates to quiet her noisy mind while trying to figure out this crazy thing called life. Some days, it's clear... other days, not so much!


  • Carrie Rubin

    I can’t come up with anything now. Too rushed, I guess. But I’m sure I will at 3 am tonight. That’s usually what happens when I wake up in the middle of the night. 😉

  • Natine

    Muscles talking, joints groaning, she perseveres. 😂😃😄

  • RobinLK

    Carrie, 3 am seems to work well for me, too…. but I don’t remember by 5 am! 😊

  • RobinLK

    Natine, you go, girl! 😉

  • paywindow7

    I’ve just found your place and read some of your writing and I’m now a follower here. We share some background (I’m Navy too, air crewman on the Lockheed Neptune doing ASW patrols during Castro’s Cuban Missile tantrum). As you can see from my tenure of Navy service I’m ancient and you’re not. We also share some questions about life and some of mine have only recently jumped up. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Bob Cloud

  • paywindow7

    I’m sorry I neglected putting up my six word bio. So: I came , I saw, now what?

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