Sunday Funnies… {Language}

For those who’ve followed me a while, you know I often reach out to my buddies on Facebook for a little Sunday Funny inspiration. I admit, my eclectic group of friends, from artists to educators (and everything in between), working and retired, near and far, leaves me no shortage of funny stuff to share.  Since I can completely relate to it, here’s a funny from one of those friends… Maybe you can relate??  😉


e-card humor


 Have a great rest of your Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies… {Language}

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  1. We use a lot of sarcastic humor in my house. I have to remind my teen sons that not everyone enjoys that. But at least they don’t use profanity. At least not around me. 😉

  2. Carrie, I think that’s a great point. As a classroom teacher, I figured out which kiddos were okay with it and which ones weren’t …. always a delicate balance. Ironically, I’ve learned I have to be much more careful as an instructional coach with peers. As for profanity, never online nor publicly, and only with those closest to me. As for your sons, I’m sure they never use it. 😉

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