Sunday Funnies… {Back-to-School Edition}

One of my former high school students tagged me in a back-to-school video worth a click. Thought I’d share it today – for a little chuckle, indeed.

If you aren’t a parent (yet or ever), just watch the parents around you at the grocery store.  You’ll begin to notice how parents feel about the time-honored tradition of back-to-school preparation and that coveted First Day of School …..   (If you listen carefully that day, you’ll probably hear a collective cheer in your neighborhood.)  😉


 Have a great rest of your Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies… {Back-to-School Edition}

  1. This is so cute! I can relate. Only thing is this year it’s different, because although I’m ready for my teens to be back in school, one’s headed to college next week so it’s bittersweet. A return to a regular schedule will be nice, but one less face at the dinner table won’t be. 😦

  2. Carrie,
    I thought of you as I was uploading this video to the blog today…. remembering you had one bird out of the nest. 🙂 Hang in there!

  3. My friends tell me the first year is the toughest…. it gets ‘slightly’ easier after that, though I sure see LOTS of college kiddo pics on FB… well past that first year. lol

  4. I am READY to send Jemma and Lani to school, and I am ready to meet my new kids (all 150 of them!!) and see my old ones from last year! Super excited!!!!!! Jemma’s going into Kindergarten!!!!!!

  5. Alex, I’m so excited for you – a new chapter starting! Jenna in K & Year #2 in the classroom…. fantastic. You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. Packed a few boxes of goodies (books & school shirts, etc…) for you.

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