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Sunday Funnies… {Newspaper #FAILs}

Do you ever notice what I like to call ‘textual mishaps’ when you’re reading something (including blogs… maybe even this one once in a while…oops!)?  I sure do. Often, when I’m driving. Business signs are the best…. sometimes on purpose (GREAT marketing technique) and sometimes not on purpose (low literacy/no proofing = problematic marketing).  In fact, I saw one the other day I’m saving for a future post.

Meantime, here are a few textual mishaps, found in newspapers…..

newspaper editorial
Empathy, at its best….


newspaper article - funny
Sibling honesty….



newspaper article - funny
Dog owners always say dogs are more loyal. Just sayin’…….


newspaper article funny
What?!? More doctors in the hospital?? The outrage!

Happy Sunday!


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  • RobinLK

    Hi Carrie,
    One can only wonder. As a devoted kitty person, I can imagine! lol

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