Of Paper Clips and Hall Passes …..

Oh pockets, thank you!

In the predawn darkness, you hold the To Do’s and Don’t Forgets.

You carry the promise of another bustling day.

Hour by hour, your promise, revealed.


Classroom life…….  Not. For. The. Faint. Of. Heart.


Then, as the sun begins to slide …. you shelter new treasures.

Remnants of the day…..

But what’s to be found when I dig deep?

Not coins. Not receipts. Neither gum nor money.


I find…

Paper clips.

Binder clips.

Rubber bands.

Flash drives.

Hall passes.

Sticky notes.

Notes from students.

Notes to students.

Notes about students.

Of paper clips and hall passes…

A teacher’s pockets save the day!

Pocket Remnants

In one of my favorite books, Show Your Work, Austin Kleon says, “Share something you’re working on, every day.”

Well, here’s my ‘share’ for today:  If you’re a teacher (or plan to be a teacher), make sure you’ve got plenty o’ pockets (and always check them before laundry day!).   😉

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