all about the process: exploring life + learning + creative curiosity

I love it when working the process ends with a positive result, don’t you?

I also love customer-centric business sense:  Make it user-friendly.  Keep it simple.

This Week’s Process:  Question confounded me.  Process began.  Struggled, walked away, pondered, came back, tinkered awhile, struggled some more, walked away (again), and finally….. got it!

Backstory:  I began blogging in 2009, trying out WordPress and Blogger.  I  started with WP, selecting a title and exploring the dashboard, but found it too advanced for my newbie technical skills (read: nearly none!).  I moved over to Blogger, a simple place to hone my technical and writing skills. Check out my first post ‘ever’ [here].

Blog posts included the ups and downs of running, eating healthfully, positivity, and eventually, professional stuff (added in 2010).  Result?  Big ‘professional stuff content gap’ from 2010 – 2014 on WordPress, with plenty of posts over on Blogger.

Fast-forward to Last Week.  Need? To get the words out of my head and writer’s notebook, into my blog, and combine two blogs’ content. But how?  Let the struggle begin. 

Pleasantly, I discovered WP is now more user-friendly, with an efficient dashboard that combines simplicity with necessary features.

Meantime, behind the scenes, I struggled with Blogger’s new dashboard requirements, use of external providers for custom domains, blah-blah-blah.

If you noticed moisture trickling from your computer recently, it might have been my sweat. No kidding. There was a LOT of struggling going on:  advanced settings, dns settings, IP addresses, more stuff I didn’t understand or care to figure out right then.  Geez.

Result, One Week Later:  Two blogs blended. Figured it out Friday night. Archives tripled in size.  I wonder:  Could it have been the DD coffee and red velvet cupcake for dinner??  😉

With one click, the process ended with a positive outcome.  Thank you WordPress for keeping it simple and efficient.  Thank you Google Search and YouTube for answering my gazillion questions.  Thank you Blogger for giving me a place to grow over those years.

Kismet? Maybe.  I began with WordPress in 2009.  Now I’m back. My words have a safe place to gather….

On to tidying up broken links and polishing old posts for Remix debuts.  Let the editing begin!

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